Steps to follow for GST Return Filing


In today’s business scenario, it is essential for every business to adhere to the tax regulation systems, which are the VAT, service TAX, and Excise tax. They also need to file for returns in all the states from where they are operating.  But on 1st July 2017, India has witnessed its biggest tax reform, which is the Goods and service tax,also known as the GST. It is a comprehensive tax which is being levied upon the supply of goods as well as to any service that is being provided by any of the service providers. The implantation of GST has replaced all the previous tax reforms such as state VAT, excise duty, purchase tax, central sales tax, and all the other varieties of tax. So, regardless if you are a manufacturer or a trader or any service provider, it is essential for you to register your business under the GST for filing returns.

But, the major question that remains is how to apply for it. Well, all your queries about applying for the GST return can be solved when you visit the GST portal which has the answers related to your all your GST questions. But before you visit the site, it is essential for you to know how you should register your business for the GST for acquiring the GST returns. Apart from this, it is also essential for you to understand how GST works and how to choose the right form before you even initiate for GST return as each of the GST form serve different purpose along with a different due date. In total, there is a total of eleven varieties of applicable returns which fallunder the GST regime. If you have an outward supply of taxable goods, then you need to file the GSTR-1 by the 10th of every month. And each of the GST forms varies on the kind of business you are in. So, it is vital for you first to understand which GST form you need for your business.

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How to apply for the GST return?

Regardless if you are consumer, dealers, supplier, or manufacturers, it is essential for you to apply for the tax return every year with the GST department. And under the latest GST regime, automated filing of tax returns have been initiated which have made it even easier for the people to file for their tax returns. One can easily file for their GST return through software or by using other apps which are being provided by the GST, also known as the Goods and Service tax Network. But to make things easier for you, we have listed some of the easy steps which you need to follow for filing for your GST returns easily.

  • Visit, which is the governmental GST portal.
  • You need to input your state code along with your PAN number in the portal after which you will be provided with a fifteen digit GST identification number
  • After you have been provided with the fifteen-digit GST number, you need to upload all the relevant documents such as the invoices on the GST portal or in the software whichever you are using against which you will receive an invoice reference number
  • After uploading the invoices, inward return, outward return, along with the cumulative monthly returns, needs to be filled online. If you find any errors, rectify them and refile for the return.

So, file for your GST returns today to avoid late fines and be in the good book of government.

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