Where to Source the Best EMC Assessment Services in the UK


All electrical and electronic devices, including any form of installations, influence each other when they are connected or close to each other, for example, the interference between mobile phones and TV sets or radios. This interference is referred to as electromagnetic interference, and it occurs when one of the devices emits electromagnetic waves, hence interfering with other devices, or becomes susceptible, thus leading to a malfunction or breakdown.

For this reason, it is important to mitigate electromagnetic interference between electric and electronic devices, thus increasing their immunity – ability to function properly even in the presence of interference. This is achieved through electromagnetic compatibility (read more at http://www.edifgroup.com/services/engineering-and-consultancy/power-engineering/electromagnetic-compatibility-emc, which helps to ensure that all electrical and electronic devices work as intended in their environment.

Importance of electromagnetic compatibility assessment (EMC)

EMC assessment is the testing of electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic devices to ensure that they do not emit or become susceptible to electromagnetic interference that causes malfunction or breakdown. There are several benefits of EMC assessment, listed at http://www.bytesnap.co.uk/five-advantages-of-pre-compliance-emc-testing/, which includes:

  1. It helps to reduce accidents in the workplace

The main benefit of EMC assessment is that it helps to prevent the malfunctioning or breakdown of electrical and electronic devices. This is done by ensuring that the devices are not susceptible to interference that can cause them to fail, or emit any electromagnetic energy that can cause other devices in their surroundings to malfunction. Considering that the engineering sector is one of the most critical work environments, where even a slight equipment failure can cause significant damage, EMC assessment is an important service that helps to guarantee the safety of the employees and equipment in the workplace.

  1. It ensures early detection of problems

EMC assessment is done in order to ensure that electrical and electronic devices can function properly without causing or suffering from electromagnetic interference. However, during the assessment, one of the most likely scenarios is to find out electromagnetic compatibility (more on wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_compatibility) deficiencies of the devices. These deficiencies can be fixed early enough thus preventing costly delays in the project once it is underway.

  1. It helps to ensure compliance with the set industry standards

Electromagnetic compatibility assessment helps to identify problems with electrical and electronic devices and then come up with effective ways of mitigating those problems. This helps businesses in the engineering sector to comply with the set industry standards, thus making it easy to apply for compliance certifications.

Where to get the best EMC assessment services in the UK

EMC assessment services are designed especially for businesses that operate in engineering related sectors. For example, electromagnetic compatibility assessment is a common service in the aerospace and defence sector, where aircrafts undergo testing to ensure that they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference (details at http://www.edifgroup.com/documents/pdf/Edif_ERA_Datasheets_Electromagnetic_compatability_in_aircraft.pdf.pdf). The services are usually offered by engineering consultancy firms, and a good example of such a firm in the UK is Edif Group, a leading firm that offers engineering services. Their EMC services include:

  1. EMC assurance

EMC assurance is a service offered to engineering businesses in order to assure them that their devices or installations are operating within the set EMC standards. The assurance involves comprehensive EMC testing to identify any compatibility risks, followed by the development and implementation of various measures to mitigate the risks. A report detailing the entire process is then prepared and given to the engineering business the service was offered to. In addition, EMC assurance documents are issued to provide assurance that there are no EMC risks.

  1. EMC risk management

EMC risk management is an important service offered by Edif Group to engineering businesses, which helps to identify EMC risks affecting electrical and electronic devices/systems. The service also helps to come up with measures for reducing these risks. It is an important service in the engineering sector since it is offered from the early stages of a project. Therefore, compatibility problems are identified very early and fixed, thus reducing the risk of these problems being noted in the later stages where an attempt to fix them can be very costly.

  1. EMC design consultancy

EMC design consultancy is an advisory service that is offered during the design engineering stages to ensure that the developed designs do not have electromagnetic compatibility problems that might affect the final product. The service involves identification of EMC risks and the implementation of countermeasures to mitigate the risk. Since it is a service that is offered at the early stages of a project, it helps to avoid issues coming up in later stages, thus saving a lot of money and time.

  1. EMF exposure assessment

Electromagnetic waves do not only affect electrical and electronic devices; human beings can also be affected by EM waves when they are continually exposed to them for a long time. This prolonged exposure can lead to various health problems, and in extreme cases, even death. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the staff working in engineering sector – where the risks of EM radiation are high – are not exposed to life-threatening levels of EM energy. This helps to guarantee the safety of all personnel in the workplace.

  1. Electromagnetic compatibility modelling

EMC assessment is very helpful in identifying EMC risks and coming up with cost-effective solutions to these problems. However, in some cases, it might not be possible to conduct an assessment before the start of a project, at which point, it might be too costly to fix things. This brings about the need for simulation, hence the EMC modelling services, which helps to create a virtual reality where EMC assessment can be carried out easily, various problems identified, and mitigation measures implemented.

  1. EMC surveys

As mentioned above, electrical and electronic devices can cause interference or become susceptible to interference from other devices in the surroundings. Therefore, before starting a project, it is important to conduct an assessment on the project site to ensure that the equipment being used will not be affected by interference from other devices, or cause them interference. This can be achieved by using the EMC site survey services offered by Edif Group.


Electromagnetic compatibility assessment is an important service offered by Edif Group to engineering businesses in the UK, which helps to ensure that their electrical and electronic equipment is functioning properly. This helps to promote safety in the workplace, reduce project delays, make it easy to get compliance certification and save a lot of money by detecting and fixing various problems early enough.

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