Smart Tips to stay protected from Identity Theft


Identity theft is a prevalent issue, especially today, when there is so much private information being shared online. Although the majority of the web-based transactions apparently seem to be safe and secure, no one can actually ignore the risks associated with unlawful infringement of information. Identity thieves are always on the lookout for loopholes within the information transfer module. And once, they locate a point to sneak in, all your highly confidential information including passwords, files, card PIN numbers, social security number, images, etc goes at stake within the blink of an eye.

Identity thieves often steal personal with a motive to commit crimes and other fraudulent operations. Some of the common ways through which personal information gets compromised are:

  • Unauthorized hacking of personal computers and networks
  • Stolen wallet containing credit cards and other necessary documents
  • Scammed emails along with phone calls
  • Unlawful extraction of information from personalized gadgets like smartphones.

It is important to note that incase if an unauthorized individual gains unlawful access to all your information, he or she can perform several illicit operations to rob you off all your money. They can purchase from your credit card, apply for a new credit card, withdraw money from your account and do whatever else it takes to give you a big financial and psychological blow.

Considering all the plights that you might face once you become a victim of identity theft, what you need to do is to stay a little more cautious and clever. The following are some of the amazing tips that will safeguard you from the miscreants engaging in identity theft.

  • Consider creating stronger passwords for all your online accounts and do update them within a specific timeframe. Avoid easy-to-guess passwords like birthdays and try out stronger passwords containing alphanumeric characters.
  • Keep all the financial documents and personal information secure. Do not share it with anyone unless required. In case if you have all your passwords saved in your Smartphone then consider using smart and secure mobile wallet applications like Lifelock. Check out the Lifelock reviews before downloading one in order to be sure about the efficiency of the app.
  • Keep your phone secure and avoid making unauthorized and suspected download of apps. Advanced applications will help in creating a firewall during an e-transaction, thereby keeping the exchange completely secured.

Taking necessary precautions at the start itself and following the above mentioned tips can help one to stay safe against identity theft. Remember- “Precaution is better than cure”. So, make sure you are safe and secure.

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