Small Business Marketing Tips 2018


Small businesses often have little resources and a small budget to proceed with in an attempt to generate volumes of sales for B2B. Here are few tips to help you with the same:

  1. Engage In Link-building

Google gives preferences to websites that focus on link-building. Therefore, if you want your website to get highly ranked in the search engines like Google, you need to prove that you are highly engaged in link-building. If you build links the correct way, the Google will recognise your website as a relevant website and will get to know that your website is worthy of showing up in a local search.

It’s always better to get few quality links rather than to have lots of low quality and spam links. Google punishes those who show up with spam links. So it’s better to engage with quality link-building.

  1. Ask Your Clients Or Customers For Email Addresses

Whenever somebody visits you, don’t forget to ask them for their email address. And nobody would say no for the email address, except one or two, if. Getting email addresses is required so that you can make them aware about the any new promotions, specials, products and services.

Those emails can also be asked for more online reviews. Online reviews help you show up in local search results which can force customers to spend more money at your business. Hence, start getting the email addresses and boost your business to stand out in the competition.

  1. Build Your Presence On Social Media

Again, social media is a great way to reach number of audience. Channels like LinkedIn, which is specially meant for business and professionals is a great channel to get the like-minded people at your door.

Also, social media costs little or sometime nothing. It depends on you if you want to proceed with the plans that they offer.

  1. Monitor The Online Discussions About You

Always keep an eye on online discussions going about you. Chances are that the discussions going may be either positive or negative. If it’s positive then it’s a thumbs up for you and if it’s negative then you have a chance to address those objections. For those who have appreciated you, don’t forget to thank them for the same. For those who are feeling difficulty with the use of product or the terms and conditions, you must help them out there only.

Such kind of gestures form you will make them feel nice and build a trust on you.

  1. Optimise Your Website Both For The Search Engine And The Humans

A slow and messy website is ignored and hated by everybody. No matter, what content you publish on your website, no matter how useful it is for the audiences. Until the website is fast and organised people won’t even give a look, coming back is far away.

Hence, website optimisation is very much required. Website optimisation means improving your website’s performance. Website performance plays an important role in helping you meet your business objectives.

  1. Align With Local Businesses

If you’re a small business and doesn’t have much resource, you need to work within your shoestring. Aligning with local and non-competitive businesses could be a great option to work with the limited budget. You can use coupons to offer to your customer that will include free product or services of other business.

For instance- you provide automotive services and have partnership with a tour and travel company. You can offer coupons stating that – On your first service with us, get a free voucher for XYZ tour and travels.

This way you can market yourself as well as will give advantage to their brand too.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

There would be only 1-2% professionals who don’t access a phone at all. Today, in technology savvy world, more than half the population of world keep phones and most of them have become used-to. Whatever work it is, say calling or internet surfing, bill payment, cash transfer, etc. everything is done at an instant with mobile. Also, because it’s handy people prefer it more over laptops.

Now, as you have already known how much a mobile is popular among people, don’t you think you website should be mobile-friendly as well. A mobile-friendly website is likely to get more traffic and views.

  1. Get Local Media Coverage for Your Business

Press releases and organising events are a great way to gather audience. Call the local newspapers or media to cover the events and ask them to publish. Local media always search for something to write on. This way they will get something to write and your business will gain the fame.

  1. Ask For Referrals

Often people are found to hesitate when it comes to asking customers for referrals. You don’t need to feel shy or need not to hesitate. You know that your product is great, unique, and helpful. Correct? Then, why hesitate. Referrals are one of the best and cheapest way to get more potential customers.

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