How To Repair Your Negative Mentions From Complaintsboard


It’s the human nature that when you get good customer service from a business, your first instinct isn’t to share the positive reviews to a friend or post about your experience online. Excellent customer service is considered to be the norm; it cannot be considered as an exception.

But what if you receive poor customer service? If we receive bad services or inferior quality product, we often share the information with others as well as on the online channels.

When it comes to consumer activists sites like Complaintsboard, they provide users a space to share their frustrations and broadcast the bad business experiences and practices. But unfortunately, there are innocent people whose names are dragged through the mud. It becomes quite difficult to determine the authority and accuracy of the published reviews.

In this article, I am going to share a few tips on how can you remove review to protect and manage your online reputation.

  1. Ask the user to remove the negative review: The users of ComplaintsBoard have the ability to delete their comments, so your first priority should be contacting the post’s author. For this, click on the user’s username and then “send message” and you can message the user privately through the website. If you’re able to convince the user, he or she might just remove the post.
  1. Contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove the offending information: If the user who has posted the negative content is not ready to remove, you can contact ComplaintsBoard directly. For this, you need to create an account, if you don’t already have one to contact the administrators of the website.
  1. Take support from your legal representative in this matter: Many business owners have filed lawsuits against ComplaintsBoard, and you may also think to contact a lawyer and check you have a case. But ComplaintsBoard clearly states in its privacy policy that they are not liable for any postings, that’s the reason why most businesses that sue the company for slandering are unsuccessful. If you believe that you have a clear-cut case of trademark infringement or copyright, you might be able to launch successful litigation.
  1. Use Blurbpoint ethical online reputation management services to positively portrays your products and services: Even if you don’t have false reviews or negative post, getting proactive about your online reputation will be a wise decision. You can go for a good SEO campaign that helps you increase the traffic, visibility, and ranking of your business website. This will eventually get you more clients, and your brand will create a good visibility in the market.

Moreover, producing informative articles and blog posts that reflect your true nature as a business or an individual can be very helpful. Optimize your website with clean, well-written content because when the search engines pick up your business information, the positive content of your business will bump the negative information down in the listings.

Bottom line

In today’s competitive market, everyone wants to be at the top in a particular business sector. In this urge, someone can move you down to stay ahead of you by placing some bad reviews or fake news about your business. Their main aim is to damage your goodwill in the market and be ahead of you.

The posts published by the users on are readily available to the public, and hence, they draw attention from search engines like Google and Yahoo. ComplaintsBoard result can display your business name as ‘Fraud’ after the search on various search engines.

Now you can easily imagine the adverse effects on your business. You won’t have clients, and it may lead to the shutdown of your running business. This is why you should remove your negative reviews from complaintsboard as soon as possible and maintain a good online reputation.

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