Pick the Perfect Image for Every Webpage


A great image for a webpage is usually not enough. Think strategically about your images and what role you want them to play on your website, rather than using images purely for graphical interest or to add decoration to webpages. A Branding Agency from sites such as reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/services/brand-development-gloucester can help you with the logo and how to market your webpage in the right places and show to the right people.

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Articulate Your Goals

Websites are vital for businesses and it is important to get them right.

Your website must support your organisation’s goals. These goals should underpin the structure and content of your website, by careful design and content strategy. They will also drive the strategy in choosing images across your website, giving a clear indication of what the right images should be per webpage.

For example:

• About us: For people to gain understanding of your mission – what the company does and why
• Location: Enable customers to easily find you
• Business: Highlight flagship business plans and their impact

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Webpages such as these seem simple but are complicated and detailed in their purpose. Careful wording and the correct imagery contributes to the perception of the organisation.

Clear Goals

• About us: Possible images for this page would include smiling teams of people or the organisation helping customers. This shows the customer a friendly face to put to the business.
• Location: A map of the organisation’s location and a photograph of the building from a street view would be helpful for customers to recognise your location. Instead of an image, consider embedding a map.
• Business: A photograph of people from the organisation working on something, or a group photograph of people who work at the company. This illustrates the work that you do and how you make an impact.

It is important to think strategically about using the correct image for you webpage content. Develop a strategy that will assist your staff in collecting photographs that represent your business in the best possible way. By writing documentation and lists of the images you need, you can be clear in your mission and hire a photographer or take the photos yourself.

Organise your photos into categories after analysing your goals for each webpage on your site. Consider further sorting your images by date, and tagging them with each section they will relate to.

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