The Perfect Table Linen and why Renting it has Become so popular


With the right table linen you can easily provide a classy and elegant touch to any kind of occasion, be it birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, back garden picnics, romantic meals, and more to just a nice dinner with family or friends alike. In any kind of restaurant, if there is clean, crisp table linen being used, it immediately heightens the atmosphere of the place to something special.  Even places such as the greasy spoon kind of deal can be made a whole lot more animated and upbeat with some help from some basic or fancy table linen.

It really doesn’t make much sense as to why some people never got around to giving such a venture a try out so as to improve the image of their eatery, and then for years afterwards they wonder why their business never really took off. Yes, people like good food, but they also enjoy sitting somewhere nice which enhances their eating experience whilst they’re eating it! If only they had thought about getting things right with their linen!  So, what’s going on here and what can we do about it regarding linen? Let’s take a look at a few important items:

Knowing What’s Perfect for the Restaurant

Selecting the perfect choice of table linens may be a little complicated, because most people have no experience in this field. Nowadays, more than ever, renting table linen has become an excellent choice for many businesses out there who wish to give their restaurants that little extra experience and something which people will remember and return again for. The last thing you will need is a quality which is less than perfect, so it’s in one’s best interests to make sure that you deal with people in the know who can advise you on what’s best for your establishment, and then who will professionally provide you with the very best top quality linen. Contact Stalbridge Linen for reliable and expert guidance.

Fabric Texture

The very best table linen is manufactured from soft, natural fibres, such as linen or cotton. There are cheaper sets made from synthetic materials, but that’s fine if you wish to exchange quality for easy care, and yes, with table linen made from this kind of material, you won’t have to do so much ironing, but remember that they don’t absorb liquids as well as their natural fibre counterparts. Cotton or linen table ware are not only more absorbent, but will easily have a much longer lasting life.

Colours (There’s more than just plain white!)

Most people will state that plain old white is what they associate with linen, because it’s considered somewhat formal and in most cases what they’ve mostly seen at an event where linen was employed. But there are plenty of other colours out there nowadays and colours such as burgundy, black, gold, dark green and more have also become popular. Not forgetting that, if someone wants to go with colours, they must remember to select a set that matches the immediate surroundings and doesn’t overpower it. Whatever you decide on, the major point is that your guests should easily be able to acknowledge the beautiful table linen!

Quality Matters

Customers will certainly be impressed, whether they’re conscious of the fact or not, that a top quality material makes a huge difference to the feel of a restaurant and the dining experience. Cotton and linen are two of the most traditional and popular quality preferences for usage, both being essentially soft to the touch, which once again adds to the customer’s satisfaction. The only disadvantage to the use of these materials is that they have to be washed frequently and especially in the case of a dining accident, such as food or drink spillage which leaves what looks like an indelible stain, especially in the case of strong colours such as wine.

Professional table linen rental companies are experienced in such matters, and provide quality service for such misfortunes, should you happen to encounter one and at no extra cost. The other good aspect of cotton and linen is that they happen to be more durable and will last longer than other materials. Plus one more decisive item is the thickness of the material that is used by linen rental experts, as nobody wants unsightly, threadbare, thin table linen!

The Drop Length

The “drop length” is yet another thing that a linen rental service will know all about and advise you on when making the choice of table linens. This refers to how much tablecloth will be hanging from the edge of the table down towards the floor. Elegance is of the essence here and will be measured by the drop length, as the longer it is, the classier, grand and exquisite a table will look. In the case of more informal restaurants, a shorter length can be utilised which will still provide the eatery with a more comfortable and warm feeling.

Should you be personally wishing to have your table linen hanging all the way down and touching the floor, you’ll have to do some maths acrobatics and then estimate the size of the linens you would like to use For example, if your table is of a rectangular nature, the length should be established by adding the length plus two times the height. The width should then be determined by adding the width plus the height times two. Luckily enough, most cuts of table linen come in standard sizes nowadays and it’s not too hard to select on what are the best size table linens for what you require. Once again, most people prefer to let the experienced professionals take care of any such matters!

If you decide to select top quality table linen for your restaurant or not, one thing is certainly going to happen – it will provide that extra elegance, suaveness and class to the décor of your eating establishment and you can be guaranteed that your customers will notice it!

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