Other 5 CryptocurrenciesExcluding Bitcoin Trader


For many years Bitcoin trader has been at the top in a crypto world and dominantly the terms Bitcoin, as well as crypto, are always interchangeably used. However, the fact behind it is that a digital currency not only comprises Bitcoin but also include other numerous cryptocurrencies that add up to the entire crypto world.

Besides being educated about Bitcoin trader, you can as well learn more about a wide range of options to choose from if you intend to make a crypto-investment. Here are various cryptocurrencies you can choose from:


Litecoin was firstly initiated in 2011 and often referred to as silver-to-Bitcoin’s gold. It was founded by MIT graduate Charlie Lee and a prior engineer at Google. Just same as Bitcoin, Litecoin is the decentralized and as open source payment connection that operates without the central authority.

Litecoin resembles Bitcoin in several ways such that it often makes people think of why they just should go for Bitcoin. They are almost similar, but here are some factors that differ both cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin block generation is much fast compared to Bitcoin and is the main reason why most merchants all around the globe are mostly accepting Litecoin.


Ethereum is another open source platform for the decentralized software. This currency was launched for the very first time in 2015. Ethereum enables the distributed applications and smart contacts to be created and operate without whichever downtime.

Ethereum application platform requires the exact cryptographic token-Ether. According to Ethereum core manufactures, this token can be applied for trade purposes, decentralize anything and security.

In 2016, Ethereum experienced an attack that made the currency to split into two sections: Ethereum classic and Ethereum. In a race of the top cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is recognized as the second most famous behind Bitcoin.


Later in earlier 2016, Zcash was initiated. This currency identifies itself as the Bitcoin-is-like-HTTP for money and Zcash it the HTTP. Zcash has also promised to provide the alternative of a shielded transaction so that the users can transfer data in encrypted code form.


Dash is identified by the original secretive version of the Bitcoin and also known as the Darkcoin because of its secretive nature. Dash is commonly known for providing the expanded anonymity that allows the users to make the transactions difficult to trace. Dash cryptocurrency firstly appeared in canvas digital market in the year 2014. Since then, it has experienced extreme fan followers over the short period of time.


Under the capitalization market of over 1billion, Ripple is categorized as the last one in the list. Ripple was launched in 2012 to for an instant, low-cost payments and secure. Ripple consensus ledger does not require mining and this feature makes it defer from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.


Despite the fact that Bitcoin Trader still at the top of the crypto, its rival are constantly coming up. The currencies such as Ripple and Ethereum have already exceeded Bitcoin in terms of enterprise solutions and are developing in popularity each and everyday day.

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