Online reputation management: Drone Racing


There is a new sport in the air and online reputation management are here to present it to the public. The sport is essentially drones being raced around a set track. Some tracks are dangerous for the drone and some are simply fun and quirky to watch. The way it works is that the participating drone has a camera installed onto it so the user can pilot it around as if they’re sitting in drone. It’s a first person view of the action where the driver doesn’t see the drone but only where it’s going so a good driver must know the dimensions to properly understand its capabilities on any track. At first, drone races were being conducted in abandoned warehouses or area of major cities. The organizers would be the course by laying around hoops or flags for the drones to pass by. Which started to become quite popular amongst drone enthusiasts. Then viewing videos on social media sites or even making the news, this sport caught wind and slowly worked its way of becoming a legitimate sport where there are sponsors and video coverage. Along with having teams like for a formula one race, they started to have technical guys to help build and repair the drone. Also they would make some adjustments for every particular race they were attending. For example, if they’re going to a track where there are many twists and turns, they’ll focus on having emphasis on acceleration over top speed since they have to slow down on hairpin turns. It started to become intense since the industry started to grow rapidly but couldn’t keep up with demand of spectators.

Reputation management became in charge of trying to attract sponsors to hold the races at major stadiums in order for fans to attend in person. There was still a huge community who enjoyed watching the feed from their favorite racer or drone in first person but there were many who wanted to attend the event in person. They started to attract the attention of Gillette, Johnson and Johnson to name a few and with the funding; they were able to acquire a few major stadiums for the tournaments. The problem was the demand, since it was a new and refreshing sport, more and more were becoming interested and they didn’t have enough space to occupy the demand. Reputation management did way too well in helping out this sport become popular.

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