Might RL360° PIMS be the ideal investment solution for you?


If you’re looking for an investment solution that’s simple, flexible and tax efficient, the Personal Investment Management Service (PIMS) from RL360° may be ideal. Designed to offer impressive freedom of choice and ease of use, this is a highly attractive product. To help you decide if this is the right solution for you, take a look at this brief guide.

The basics

An offshore bond that enables you to build up a tailored investment portfolio, PIMS is available to individuals, trustees and companies. You can invest from GBP50,000, and this figure can always be added to at a later stage. The policy can be issued on either a capital redemption or a life assurance basis and it enables you to take your pick from a wide range of carefully chosen investment funds. Perfect for high net worth investors who want portfolios that can react quickly and effectively to evolving conditions in the market, as well as to their own locations and lifestyles, it is easy to manage and caters to virtually any attitude to risk. It can also slip into a trust and it is compatible with the majority of pension schemes. In addition, PIMS allows you to appoint an investment adviser or discretionary fund manager.

A simple investment solution

One of the major attractions of this product is the fact that it is straightforward to manage. As a PIMS investor, you won’t have to deal with the burdens often associated with having a directly held portfolio. Regardless of how many different investments you have in your PIMS, you will get a consolidated valuation statement each 6 months. If you set up access to RL360°’s online service, you will also be able to view your policy value and other details whenever you want simply by logging in. This makes monitoring your money simple and quick, no matter where you are at the time. You will also have a cash account. This is where withdrawals and fees are taken from and it is the account into which the cash proceeds of investment sales are paid.

The chance to tailor your portfolio

There are 2 versions of this product to choose from. You can either go for PIMS Focused, which gives you access to a defined list of more than 1,000 investment funds, or you can opt for PIMS Flexible. The latter product offers a completely open architecture, allowing you to access funds in the Focussed range as well as any other investments that are acceptable to RL360°. Bear in mind that if you start off with Focussed and later decide you want to have access to greater range of investments, you can simply convert your policy to a Flexible one for a one-off fee. Regardless of the type of policy you select, you will be in control of the level of risk and the possible returns you can expect from this product.

To help you decide if PIMS is the right investment choice for you, you can check out RL360° reviews online and visit the company’s website to get further details about the product.

Established in 2008, Royal London 360° changed its name to RL360° following a management-led buyout in 2013. In May 2015, it was announced that RL360° was acquiring CMI Insurance Company from Lloyds Banking Group. The acquisition was completed on 1 December 2015.

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