What Is Live Scan Fingerprinting and Know Its Benefits


The process of live scan fingerprinting is the inkless fingerprinting. The fingerprints of the applicants are transmitted in the form of electronic ways to the DOJ or the FBI for completing the criminal record checking. This process replaces the technique of replacing the recording patterns of the fingerprints pictures that help the service providers like Certifix Live scan to electronically transfer the fingerprints to the DOJ or the FBI sector within a few seconds. This helps in saving the time when the hard copy is send for the fingerprints through mails.

Certifix offers both the facilities of the live scan services and ink fingerprint card facilities; it is one of the largest scan service providers in California. California live scan is gaining importance among the customers due to the quick services and affordable price. Most of the locations of the candidates are far away from the clinic, still it offers the reliable facilities within just few minutes, may be away from home or away from the work.

There are various benefits of live can fingerprinting. It helps in reducing the problems that arise from the ink fingerprinting. The problems are smudging, under inking or even the smearing of the reports. One of the largest advantages of live scan fingerprinting is that the fingerprints are transmitted in the direct way to the Department of Justice rather than any media. As told before, there are various companies that provide the service of live scan fingerprinting locations far away.

This technique is also called the criminal background checking. The livescan applicants always get the information and the form required for the live scan fingerprinting from any type of agency requires criminal background checking. As the different live scan forms are used, be sure that you are choosing the right one. There are certain candidates who generally require the live scan fingerprinting from locations. They are real estate brokers, notaries, appraisers, contractors, security guards, lawyers, doctors, surgeons and so on. The certified technician, who has many years of experience and knowledge in this field, does the live scan fingerprinting.

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