Invest in Yourself by Selecting the Proper Business Attire


When in business, it is important to look presentable when meeting with colleagues or new clients. There are many styles of business dress including business casual and business professional. By selecting the right business clothing, you are making an investment in yourself and your career.

Selecting Business Suits

For the most part, business suits should be dark in colour such as black, charcoal grey, or navy blue. However, what you wear will also be dependent on the weather. If you’re taking a business trip to a tropical climate, then a light-coloured suit made from breathable fabrics will make you both presentable and comfortable.

Although subtle pinstripes and plaid fabrics are fine, suits with large pinstripes are generally reserved for bankers, lawyers, and company directors. Most men wear white dress shirts beneath their suits, especially for formal occasions, and light colours such as blue are worn on more casual days. While you can buy your suits and shirts off the rack, if you are a difficult size, such as tall or big in the chest, consider having your business attire custom made-by a company such as Carl Nave Tailor.

Bespoke suits and shirts will fit properly, which will make you look more professional, and you will be more comfortable. Although tailored clothing costs more than off the rack, a tailored suit made from a good-quality fabric can last for decades if it is cared for properly. The more professional you appear, the more respected you will be by your colleagues, clients, and superiors, as it reflects well on them too.

Selecting Accessories

In some industries, a tie may be optional, but a good rule of thumb is if your boss wears a tie to work, you should wear one too. Ties should be in colours that go well with your suits and have subtle stripes or prints. A power tie is fine if you’re going to be in an important business meeting or getting a promotion, but use them sparingly.

A pair of black shoes will go well with most of the suits in your closet, but be sure to select a belt to match your shoes. If you wear black shoes, then wear a black belt, and a brown belt should only be worn with brown shoes. A pair of wing-tips or plain laced shoes will be better in a more conservative environment. Try to resist loafers because they can look too casual.

A good overcoat will be necessary when the weather turns cold, or you may be able to find a lined trench coat for the rainy season and transition it into winter. Don’t forget a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and protect them from exposure to harsh winter weather. Good grooming and skincare is also important when it comes to maintaining a professional look.

By selecting the proper attire, you will look like a professional and find yourself being respected by those around you. An investment in good-quality suits, shirts, and accessories is an investment in yourself.

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