Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Orthodontist


Improper tooth spacing or teeth misalignment are some common dental issues that your child might experience during their growing years. This usually occurs because their jawbone is still growing and teeth are shifting to a permanent position. Plan your visit to a family dentist in Monterey Park, CA. Before making up your mind for an orthodontist, you must ask them different questions. Here we have jotted down the top 5 questions to ask an orthodontist. Let’s dive in! 

Questions to ask your child’s orthodontist 

1. List of common signs that your child needs to visit an orthodontist 

Some major signs to take your child to an orthodontist are:

  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Underbite and overbite 
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Jaw pain

You must ask this question from your child’s orthodontist and explain their symptoms to them.

2. What are the different treatment options for my kid? 

Remember that there are other options besides braces, and let your child know about them. Since kids believe they will always need traditional metal braces, they could be reluctant to receive orthodontic treatment. These days, your orthodontist specializes in much more than just standard metal braces. You can choose from clear aligners to lingual braces or more. 

3. How long does the treatment take? 

Another most logical question that you may ask your child’s orthodontist is about the total time to conduct the treatment. On average, the treatment continues for 6 to 20 months. The total period may be reduced or increased based on your teeth alignment and the severity of the case. 

4. Is there any need for tooth extraction? 

Although it is uncommon to extract teeth during an orthodontist appointment; however, it is always possible, especially in case of severe tooth crowding. In case there is no space in your mouth which is restricting movements, then a tooth extraction process is recommended. 

5. Will my child feel pain during the treatment? 

As a parent, you might be thinking of the pain that your child will have to suffer during the treatment. When you meet an orthodontist ask them about the pain levels. Due to the latest technologies, treatments have become more advanced and comfortable. The procedure includes a lot of tooth adjustments. Thus, your child may experience minor pain. You must ask your child’s orthodontist about the discomfort and ways to prevent it.  

Final Words

You must ask these top five questions to clear your doubts on your visit to an orthodontist. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate!

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