Important Features Of A Card Payment Machine


A card payment machine is also known as a ‘POS terminal’, a ‘PDQ terminal’, ‘credit card terminal’ or an ‘EFTPOS terminal.’ It doesn’t matter what it is called. What you have to understand is that this is one of the easiest ways to take payment from your clients or customers. It will allow you to take payment electronically. This is a common device that you can find in every business establishment.

No matter what type or size of business you have, taking card payments is one of the important upgrades that you should be thinking of. For you to take card payments, you need to have a card payment machine. There are so many options for you to choose from, but they come with the same features that play an important role in the process. Some just have additional functions that make them stand out from the other devices.

Each card payment machine includes the following features:

  • Electronic point of sale (ePOS) system or the mobile point of sale (mPOS) system
  • Pin authorization keypad
  • Chip reader to verify important card and cardholder information
  • Receipt printer.

Benefits Of Taking Card Payments

There are so many reasons why you should consider taking card payments from your customers. Simply because of the benefits that you can get out of it. If you have a small business, a card payment machine can greatly help increase your sales. So here are more reasons why you should consider this upgrade:

  • Customers Go Home Happy. The customers are the heart of every business. So always have your business doors open and let them go home happy and contented with your service. How to achieve this? One effective way is to let them shop as much as their limits would allow. Let them use their cards to increase the amount that they can spend
  • Attract Potential Customers. If others know that you are treating your customers kindly by providing them a fast and easy service, they would also be interested to visit your establishment. Word of mouth is the key here.
  • Increased Income. Shoppers who use credit cards pay more than 15% more of what they are willing to spend compared to their cash payments. If your business accepts card payments, you are giving your customers a bigger leeway with their spending limit, which is good for your revenue.
  • Help Your Local Economy. The local economy relies on how businesses are doing. If your business is doing good, then your local economy can also benefit from your success. It is the small businesses that bring more money back to the community.

Card Payment Machines – Is It For You?

Usually, customers leave because of the long line at checkout counters. You do not want to lose them. With card payment machines, checkouts are fast and easy. This way, you get to enjoy all the advantages mentioned above, as well as your customers and your local economy.

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