Ideas to improve your customer satisfaction with their delivery experience.


Within monitoring the performance of online sales, is the category of the delivery experience.

This does have a directly affect customer satisfaction, and can affect their recommendation of your company and if they be buy again.

It doesn’t too much matter whether the product is top notch, if it is delivered in a poor fashion the customer isn’t going to be pleased. If the box is damaged, it is not a great first impression. So my first recommendation is to always use brand new cardboard boxes as they are made to be strong only for one journey.

In fact in many cases customers would expect that the better quality product the better quality the delivery will be. Customers expect a direct correlation. Nevertheless such is life, things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes however hard you try, customers won’t be satisfied. Nevertheless this article will focus on what you can do to positive affect and improve your online sales, which will hopefully improve sales, improve reputation, add great reviews to your business, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

My second tip is to use plenty of packaging material inside to ensure that your product cannot move around and get damaged within the box.

My third tip is to enclose a hand written thank-you note, everyone like to be appreciated. Also catalogues of other products with a money off voucher can work well for generating additional future sales.

My fourth tip is to enclose a free returns label, this has proven to help to make customers more comfortable to buy more goods from you going forward.

My fifth tip, is to use a courier service that offers a pre notification on the day. The best quality domestic and international courier services are now offering this and DHL are now offering in on many international services including their parcels to Germany. This usually means that on the day of delivery the carrier is sending out a text to the receiver advising them that their parcel is out for delivery and giving them a time window of 1 or 2 hours in which to expect delivery, so that they can be there to sign for it.

Alternatively this system allows receivers to request delivery on an alternative date, or give instructions as to where the shipment can be left without a signature. This is fantastic customer service and clients appreciate the information and delivery options. Helping to give you a great review score for delivery service used review and encouraging the client to buy again. Remember the reverse is also true that a bad experience will affect clients future orders.

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