How to track Credit Card Application Status?


If you own an active credit card, you are most likely to be placed comfortably in case a basic financial emergency shows up. While credit cards aren’t always loaded with money, they do offer peace of mind to the users by letting them defer expenses and even get a 45-day repayment time frame for the same.

However, getting a credit card is often trickier as approvals depend on a lot of factors, including the existing cash reserves, credit score, credit profile, and even the repayment history. Also, certain lenders are more accommodative than others when it comes to approving credit cards, which is yet another factor that you need to be mindful of.

Credit Card Benefits

Credit cards are extremely resourceful financial instruments. While most of them offer no-interest credit facilities to clients for a short tenure, the existing benefits of credit card entail a lot more than what meets the eye.

Once you have a credit card, you can readily access an entire world of cashback, rewards, and more, depending on the onboard offers. Plus, a credit card allows you to purchase premium products on EMIs, with some banks even offering low-cost and zero-interest monthly installments. Plus, you can even use a credit card to withdraw cash, in case of an emergency.

How to Check Credit Card Application Status?

Different financial institutions offer disparate strategies to check credit card status. However, regardless of the bank issuing the same, you can always head over to the official website, feed in the credentials and the application number, and eventually know the status of the same.

Every credit card application comes with an ID, which needs to be used for refereeing the application status. Also, certain banks might ask for additional credentials like DOB, PAN details, and even OTP sent to the registered number before revealing the status.

Based on the discretion of the bank, you might see the credit card status as approved, on-hold, dispatched or even rejected.

Can you connect with Credit Card Customer Care for Verifying the Application Status?

Yes, the credit card customer care service pertaining to almost any bank is prompt enough to cater to your offline requests with immediate effect. However, you must connect with the concerned bank using their toll-free number and eventually follow the instructions to the letter. The application ID needs to be kept handy as the customer care executive will then ask for the same upon querying.

Final Words

In 2021, verifying your credit card application status cannot get any easier. However, you must still cross-reference the exact steps, depending on the bank you plan on connecting with in the first place. But then, if you are still confused about which credit card is best suited to your requirements, connect with Finserv MARKETS to make informed decisions by comparing selections.


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