How to increase foot traffic to your business and boost sales


Although the world of shopping has largely turned to online means for buying and selling, maintaining foot traffic to your physical business is still crucial for forming long-lasting customer relationships, loyalty, and providing service. Customers that shop in-person have the chance to experiment with your products and ask questions before buying in a more personal face-to-face setting. Here are some ways to increase foot traffic to your business and ultimately boost sales by building customer relationships in-person.

Offer an In-person Only Sale or Coupon

An easy way to get customers through the door is to offer an exclusive, in-person only coupon, sales event, or discount. Alternatively, having a “first come, first serve” sale with limited inventory is also a great way to encourage customers to visit your store. These methods provide incentives for consumers to take the time to drive to your store and get to know your business more personally than just through your online presence. Additionally, offering fun events like a free giveaway or prize drawing can also attract customers to your business.

Refresh your Signage and Branding Materials

Make sure your storefront is appealing to customers by using an up-to-date and vibrant sign that markets your business and your brand or logo. If you are using an aged or damaged sign, contacting a sign repairs company is a great first step to ensuring that your store makes a good first impression to customers. Signs that follow contemporary design trends like minimalism and abstraction are more likely to entice customers. Also, regularly refreshing your branded social media pages and website helps to attract new consumers and visitors to your store.

Use Online Tools to Advertise Effectively

Market your in-person store to consumers by regularly posting on your business’s social media pages, blog, or website. These online platforms can be a great way to inform a wide audience about your upcoming in-person sales and increase foot traffic and participation for them. Optimizing your online presence is crucial for informing new customers about your business and for identifying new or changing target audiences. Customer-written online reviews are widely trusted by consumers, so encouraging patrons to make testimonials or comments on your website or social media sites is a great (and free!) way to draw in customers.

Overall, there are many ways to increase foot traffic to your physical business or store. Offering in-person discounts or coupons, updating your signs and branded materials, and building a strong online presence to reach your audience can help increase visitors to your store and thus boost your sales over time. Be sure to be creative with your in-person events to draw in new potential customers!

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