How Does Digital Signage Work for Retailers?


Small businesses are becoming more creative in their marketing. As it becomes more affordable and software is constantly improving, more are turning to digital marketing techniques.
If you are considering digital marketing for your business, there are some important things to consider to ensure you maximise your investment.

What is it and how does it work?

It’s all in the name. Digital signage is a sign made up of digital components. This includes anything you would expect to see on your TV or computer screen, such as images, text or videos.

This is all managed by adding the necessary content – your videos, images and text – to a content management system. Once there, they are picked up by a signage player, which would generally be part of your software package. In order to have the content displayed, you need a digital screen to showcase it all.

Once it’s set up, you can start using your Digital Signage to market your business, but how can you get the most out of your system?

Research suggests that video content is far more engaging and likely to give you a better return on your investment, but the great thing is that you have the ability to change which type of content you use to fit with the message. Modern retail describes digital marketing as dynamic, animated and memorable.

What’s your message?

When you create your content and message, think about what you want your customers’ next move to be. Do you want them to visit you, or do you have a sale on or a particular product you want to move? This makes it easier to evaluate what is producing the best results.

Consumers are more likely to engage and make a purchase if they have seen a message about a sale or a discount; everyone likes a bargain! It is worth marketing specific products or services or just your brand in general, but always be clear and specific in your message. When pushing a particular product, be aware of your target market, find out what is most important to your customers and focus on that. If you’re advertising your brand more generally, you still need to consider your target audience. Focus on what you want them to do next, and structure your message accordingly.

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