How can CHP be the new solution for the generation of electricity?


Combined heat and power system or CHP is the advanced technology invented to generate electricity with minimum fuel or a single fuel source. It is proven to be the most effective, low cost and fast way of generating electricity. CHP plants can be quickly built in one place, and they can adapt themselves to the needs of an area or a commercial building. This new innovative trigeneration solution can not only produce electricity and heat but also cold.

How are CHP components taking efficiency to another level?

CHP is designed to meet the challenges of day to day needs of the people, it looks into the load requirement of the people, and its efficiency rate is about 95%. The heat produced by the gas engine is used to produce cold. The components of CHP taking efficiency to another level are:

● CHP turbine

The ideal solution for CHP technology is gas turbines. The exhaust system produces heat, which helps make steam, chill water, hot water, or both combinations of all three of them. The turbines are very easy to maintain, and they can quickly adapt themselves to future needs. It has fuel operation flexibility. Hence, you can easily install and use the turbine to supply electricity and other facilities in your area.

● CHP engine

CHP engines are ideal for generating electricity and hot water. The heat to power generation ratio is higher than 0.8. The technology can meet the demands of electricity, and it is flexible to produce electricity and supply throughout the year. These systems are also very easy to maintain and are compact.

Benefits of using CHP system

If you want to generate electricity on the site and save money, a combined heat and power system is ideal. It can produce more than 1 MW of electricity and can supply power to a whole area. The benefits of using the CHP system are:

  • Use a range of appliances: You can use a range of different devices and use electric power. You will have no blackout tension, and you can use the heat to produce hot water or even cold.
  • Easy assessment:It is essential to assess the heat and power requirements of the area. The CHP supplier must know if the power supply is meeting all your needs.
  • Cost-efficient:The CHP system helps to save you a lot of money. You do not need to go to any spa as you will get all the services from steam to hot and cold water in your house. You do not need to give huge bucks to the electricity supplier.  You will have the power to choose electricity and satisfy your needs.
  • Energy-saving: If you can produce your electricity and hot or cold water, then you are helping to maintain positivity in the environment. The continuous use of coal to generate electricity is depleting the environment. Hence, CHP is helping to save energy.

If you want to lower your carbon footprint and help save your surroundings from increasing pollution, then it is time for you to use these new technologies. These technologies are eco-friendly and will try to mend all your needs in the future.

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