How Can AI Be Used in Restaurants?


Fuel for the Economy

Every economy has a food service industry, whether it’s serving from a street car in China or the fine culinary dining you can explore from Hong Kong to New York. The food industry serves each country’s economy well, generating multiple millions of pounds in annual revenue.

The way restaurants work hasn’t changed much in fifty years. Appliances, how we cook, the way we store perishable items in Glass Door Refrigerator systems have, but the placing and receiving of orders have not. With the introduction of AI into the restaurant environment, it’s getting a whole lot more customised and targeted. In fairness, the next generation of customers are demanding it.

Technology Growth

As technology has grown, people want it now and to their own individual taste. How can AI be used in restaurants to help improve this efficiency of service demand? It’s already started, as the food service business is welcoming AI with open arms.

Chatbots and downloadable mobile apps are used by anyone with a phone. They answer any enquires easily and efficiently – no need to wait for them to finish answering the people at the table next to you. Once you’ve decided, they can take your order too, sending it to the chefs in less than a blink of the eye. Chatbots are also used through social media sites, engaging with consumers from their own homes, answering questions and sending their orders for delivery at home. Check out websites like

Actual physical mechanical arm robots, which are often found on a car manufacturing line, can be used in the restaurant business. With lots of repetitive movements in the kitchen, such as moving plates around, washing, drying or adding a dash of something special, physical robots are not out of place in the trendiest of places.

The kiosk trend has seen rapid growth. AI has helped improve the customer ordering and waiting time experiences across the world.

Check out for another take on AI use in industry.

How can AI be used in restaurants? In more ways than we could have ever imagined just a few decades ago. As we look back on this era in future times, we will undoubtedly realise that this was the generation that explored and invested in what AI can do for us.

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