Household Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professionals


Need best cross country movers help? No one can deny the fact that professional movers are the best way to have a successful and stress-free move. They can transport all items with safety especially those which needs extra care and attention. Have a look at household items that you can’t move safely on your own.


If you love music and have a piano at your home then you should hire professionals. A piano weighs hundreds of pounds which is very difficult to move on your own. Apart from that, pianos are very expensive and can be considered as one of the most expensive items in the household. Therefore, damaging or dropping a single part of a piano can be very stressful. So it is time to hire professional movers for this task.

Pool tables

If you are planning to move a heavy pool table from one place to another then it is time to hire professional movers. As you know moving pool table involves difficult disassembly as well as complicated packing process. Pool table weights thousands of pounds therefore, it is not feasible to move these on your own. Hiring professional movers who offer pool table moving services is an ideal option for you in such a scenario.

Hot tubs

Again, if you are in need to move heavy hot tub then you need the help of professionals. From draining the water to gathering appropriate supplies, moving a hot tub is not a play of kids unless you have family members or friends to work on. If not, then it is recommended you to hire professionals who can help you in moving a hot tub. Of course, moving a thing that weighs hundreds of pounds is not feasible by your own. You can’t handle a product that weighs hundreds of pounds. Professionals can do this task with ease and can reassemble the moving parts on their own.

Art, antique pieces and valuable items

It needs proper planning and strategy to move art and antique pieces as well as valuable items. Art pieces need extra attention to move. Several suppliers are needed to pack antique valuable pieces so that they can be transported safely to your new location. Fortunately, professional packers know how to pack and ship these items with safety.

Some appliances

It requires appropriate planning, technique as well as lots of manpower to load these some specific appliances that weights higher and difficult to handle by an individual. So, in such circumstances hiring professionals is an ideal option. Do you know the average weight of a refrigerator is 300 pounds and the average weight of the washing machine is 200 pounds and so on? Therefore, it is difficult to move these appliances by yourself. It is difficult to ship all these appliances and therefore, hiring professionals is an ideal option.

Conclusion: It is not an easy feat to move these items on your own. Luckily, to do this task, we can hire the best interstate moving companies. There are several reputable movers are present that can do the task on behalf of you with ease.

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