Here’s Why You Need to Look into PAT Testing


In today’s world, all commercial businesses need to strictly abide by certain rules and guidelines. To do otherwise is unthinkable for most businesses, as the consequences could be devastating for both their reputation and their brand. For example, most people have heard of Occupational Health and Safety laws (OH&S), and understand why a workplace needs to abide by them. But it is a sure bet that most people have never heard of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Why PAT Testing Is Important

No employee expects to go to work and be injured in the line of duty. Apart from adhering to OH&S laws, it is also important for commercial operations to not only understand the benefits of PAT testing in Portsmouth, but also to implement it through a qualified electrical company that has experience.

Apart from the fact that PAT testing is a government requirement for all commercial operations, it also provides the following benefits:

  • Avoid injury: The biggest benefit of having a PAT test conducted is that all portable electrical equipment will be thoroughly checked for damage or faults that could cause injury or electrical shocks. Just as no employee goes to work wanting to be injured, or worse, on the job, no business owner wants to have to deal with the fallout from such an event. A qualified PAT test is not only obligatory, but will also minimise the risk of injuries in the workplace.
  • Check gear: One of the biggest headaches for commercial operations is when electrical equipment does not work as expected. If gear breaks or otherwise operates inefficiently, it will negatively impact the bottom line of the company and cause costly delays while it is being fixed. Regular PAT testing is a good way to check all portable electrical equipment on-site to see if it is up to standard. If any equipment is faulty, it can be either fixed or replaced without the hassle of costly delays in production or business operations.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies prefer that electrical equipment is checked and PAT tested by a qualified company. In the event that a commercial operation experiences a fire or other problem that requires an insurance claim, the insurance company is less likely to deem the claim as invalid if they see that all electrical equipment has been PAT tested successfully and that everything is in order.

A Safer Workplace

No one wants to go to work and be injured by some electrical equipment that was faulty or broken. This is both bad for the employee in question and the company. All commercial operations need to abide by national health and safety standards, and part of this includes having all portable electrical equipment checked.

The PAT testing process may seem like an imposition at the time, but it can save jobs, save reputations, save money, and save lives. If you run a commercial operation, you cannot afford not to abide by health and safety regulations, and part of this includes organising regular PAT testing.

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