Halloween Ideas with Valuemags


Valuemags offers a range of different magazines to the American market. One of the most popular ones in circulation is Better Homes and Gardens. With Halloween on its way, the writers for the magazine have put together different ideas on what to prepare. If you are entertaining adults or kids, there are various options on what to serve and how to decorate.

This year as appetizers, you can find recipes on pumpkin bread truffles, creepy bug bites, eyeball quiche, hummus pumpkin and meaty mummies just to name a few. There is bound to be a good variety of options anyone can make for all taste bugs and dietary restrictions. If you want to throw a party for Halloween, having the menu prepared is a great step but you need to figure out what the theme of the party is going to be first. Some ideas are crime lab, vintage, Alice in wonderland and monster bash. With the amount of ideas proposed, it is bound you will find something that everyone will enjoy.

If you are on a tight budget with the party, Better Homes and Gardens have your covered. Valuemags even has a program where customers can access any magazines they are subscribed to on any electronic device. These subscribers receive the issues to their device as soon as it is released. There is no wait time to start going through the pages. It is an advantage if you want to start planning your party earlier to make sure everything is done on time. The magazine offers quite a vast selection on do-it-yourself decorations for different things people might want to eat as well as party favors. If you are creative stuck on how to present your food, there are great options for people to follow. Some ideas are monstrous juice boxes, bugs and kisses bucket, cellophane goody bags and spooky bubble wraps.

Whether you have decided to throw a party for kids or adults, there are ideas for both. Since children need to find games to play and keep getting entertained, Better Homes and Gardens has many suggestions on different games they can play. Because of the Halloween theme, the classic games that can be played have a spooky twist to it. Monster Bingo is a simple idea where they have to get numbers 5 in a row and the twist can be instead of using the markers, they can use candy corn to hide the numbers they have.

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