Going Global—A Guide to Winning over a Worldwide Audience


Today, we are increasingly becoming connected to one another. In previous eras, you could sit on your back porch in Canberra flipping meat on the barbie while thinking about taking holiday in America. In the time it takes you to flip the steaks, you have decided the trip is not worth the trouble. Now, you are the same person living a 2018 existence, but in this incarnation, you would have not only booked a flight to Hawaii, but you also would also have reserved hotel accommodations on your cell phone all before sitting down to enjoy this meal.

Through technology, global societies have flourished creating prime business opportunities. Whether making travel plans to visit an exotic isle or the more mundane activities of paying bills through online banking or making online purchases, technology has made the world a much smaller place, so small that people who live thousands of miles away from you are as close as a text message away. Because of these advances, business interests have to up their game to beat out the competition.

For helpful tips that help you gain the advantage on the worldwide stage, keep reading below.


When looking for office space first, consider leasing from an office service provider in a large city to lower your initial overhead. With Servcorp, one of the larger office solutions company, business owners can choose from 28 premium office space locations. Servcorp and other office solutions organisations can provide you with a fit out that sits in major international markets like Sydney or Melbourne. The location of your business is very important in attracting global clients for a few reasons.

Global interests are attracted to major cities just by virtue of the diverse demographic and business interests. Locations that have diverse populations are especially attractive to international business interests because people on the individual level want acceptance, and diversity is an unspoken, “Welcome to the neighbourhood.”

Businesses looking to attract international companies should also consider large cities with ports because these places provide pathways into and out of the country, which is especially helpful when moving products. Larger cities also tend to have at least one international airport, which makes it easier for travel purposes.


Before leaping head first into the deep waters of international trade, spend time researching your market. During your research, consider finding ways to make your product more attractive to your target demographic. You can do this by performing an analysis that will look for a demand that is not satisfied by any local business.

Another way to appeal to global business interests is to research any government incentives. Australia has many incentives that are attractive to foreign interests. After researching this information, talk up these benefits as a part of doing business with you.


Culture is important because the foundations of successful partnerships are based on a basic understanding of one another. On the global stage, communication is key to winning over business interests that might be hesitant because, while you do not have to have mastered all of the dialects to do business, you should have some literacy. Body language is also important as well. Lack of business etiquette can easily turn off would-be business interests, so understanding nuances in the way people greet each other, the way language is spoken and other non-verbal cues can attract foreign investors or business interest to you.

Finally, make sure that your product or service aligns with the cultural practices in your target market. Research the culture to find ways to make your business fit in with the values of the locale. One of the factors that makes you attractive to business is understanding their needs, and culture plays a significant role in this understanding.

Finding that Winning Audience

The world is indeed becoming a smaller place in which to do business. For the savvy business owner, being attractive on the global scale means being proactive in engaging prospective partnerships. For savvy entrepreneurs today, navigating the global market begins with knowing what is attractive to international business interests in Australia.

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