General Overview On Virtual Phone Number


A unique facility has been provided here that allows all business to forgetting their business calling system so that their telecom calling communication expenses will be cheap. But, customers are able to call to ask their queries and employee will be available to attend their call. This facility is known as virtual phone numbers. All employees will be available all the time with their local presence in the whole world. Virtual phone numbers are created in such a way that all incoming calls may be transferred to any other numbers either on landline numbers or on mobile numbers. Virtual phone number has not need to attach with any extra software. No extra sim card is provided to any user to use virtual phone number. You also do not need to have a dual sim phone. You just have to download any application from the google play store so that you can enjoy this virtual phone number service easily and without paying any money.

Virtual phone number setup a business same as regular phone calling and sms sending but with very low call rate. If you are calling to any client sitting in another country, you will have to pay only local call rate charges. This is best facility that forwards call to nay employee number in the business from main calling number. Businesses do not have to purchase, install or maintain any costly hardware in their environment. They just need some MB space in their smart phone so that they can download any application in their phone which gives you virtual phone number. Number of extra features is also beneficial for any employees who are on call and getting another call. He may use different feature of virtual phone number which are-

  • Voice mail
  • Auto – receptionists
  • Conference calling
  • Music on hold
  • Online faxing

How to get virtual phone number?

Many of businesses do not know how to get virtual phone number service for their service with low rates. They started to believe on any service provider and get virtual phone number. Many of virtual phone number service providers incur high charges from you if you did not check how much amount is enough for getting one virtual phone number. Starting charges for paying one virtual phone number is $2 to $3.  There are number of service providers who offer complete package to you including one virtual phone number, many extensions and minutes. Minutes are incurred how much you talk using virtual phone number. For getting 400 to 500 minutes with two virtual phone numbers, you may have to pay $10 to $12 per month. If you want more than two virtual phone numbers and 2000 to 3000 minutes, you will have to pay $25 to $50 per month. If you think virtual phone number system is right for you and is also helpful for you to enhance your business, you may also refer it to your known. Referring award is also given to you by service provider if your known will use the same service provider.

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