Four Popular Places For Piracy


There’s nothing as annoying as seeing your idea being taken away by someone else and they profit from it. Sometimes it’s blatant copying, which of course is illegal, but sometimes hard to prevent. A good first step in preventing this type of piracy, is knowing where to find this. In this blog, we’ll give you four of these places. Start scanning immediately!

1. Search engines

In most cases search engines are your best friends as a company. They help you to reach out to new customers, as well as they give you many insights on your target audience in general. Sadly, search engines aren’t only used for positive outcomes: because these engines show pretty much that can be found on the internet, piracy will also be shown. The positive thing for you is that not only your target audience will be able to find this, but you too, so prevention is possible.

2. App stores

Does your idea mostly come down to an application, then it’s not necessary to scan search engines for piracy. Your worst enemy in this case will be online marketplaces, specifically app stores. Whether it’s Google Play, Apple Store or something else, your idea can easily be taken and ran with. In most cases, piracy here won’t happen with using the exact same name, but with exact copying of your idea and reusing this.

3. Social media

The form of piracy that’s hardest to prevent is social media piracy. This is incredibly hard, because you don’t directly get your hand on your product: the pirates talk about the product, but don’t directly show it. This makes it possible for them to share your product for a lower prize, without you knowing. Still, by some smart searching it is possible to prevent this from happening, but you will need the right evidence.

4. Dark web

When thinking of piracy, most people immediately think of the internet. Of course, this makes complete sense, but a place where piracy is even easier to do, is the dark web. Every user here is completely anonymous, so it’s almost impossible to directly blame someone for pirating. However, this doesn’t mean that preventing piracy is impossible, as you can take your files of the dark web with some smart scanning too.


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