Finding a Meeting room in Oxford: Think, Research and Choose Wisely


Any meeting or event for an organisation is the way to step up on the success ladder gradually. Organising a meeting with a client, employees, shareholders, etc. in Oxford requires a conference or meeting room. Lots of factors should be considered while choosing a meeting room.

Conducting a meeting is an integral process of any organisation, be it commercial or charitable. Various types of events such as shareholders meeting, meeting with a client organisation, annual general meeting, employees’ meeting are organised from time to time in any company. While choosing the right place for meeting in Oxford, many important points need to be thought upon before finalising on the right one.

  1. Budget

The most important factor in choosing a meeting room in the heart of Oxford is cost involved. At times, employers want to hold a meeting away from the office space due to reasons like lack of adequate space, away from the regular hustle-bustle, to create an impression on the client, etc. Whatever the reasons, the budget or the cost effectiveness plays an important role. A meeting room with a very high cost involved does not hold much value if the pocket pinch is too hard.

  1. Facilities

Before choosing meeting rooms in Oxford, one needs to find out the facilities available for conducting the meeting. Internet access, LCDs, microphone, video players, surround sound system, central air conditioning, heating system, multilingual employees services, comfortable seating, etc. are few of the basic facilities which every venue must offer. In case the meeting or conferences stretch over more than a day, accommodation for the delegates should also be on the priority list.

  1. Location

Easy accessibility to the meeting venue is the most important factor. The company head may want to keep the meeting room in Oxford as per their own convenience, but what they really need to consider is the convenience for the guests. The delegates who are supposed to attend the meeting may be arriving from different parts of the city. Some may even be traveling from outside the city. It is very important that the venue is centrally located with good connectivity for transportation. This will make it easily approachable as well as comfortable to commute.

  1. Size of the meeting venue

Finding out the size of the venue is very important before choosing it. The size should be decided keeping in mind the number of attendees. A big venue with fewer attendees looks dull. A small venue with many attendees looks crowded and cramped up. It is advisable to find the right size of the venue so that it is comfortable for the attendees. Taking the number of confirmations of the attendees is necessary, but there may be fallouts or add-ons. For that, flexible conference rooms help save embarrassment as well money in either of the situation.

  1. Food and refreshment

When choosing a meeting space, there should be adequate arrangements for food and refreshments for the delegates. No matter whatever is the duration of the meeting, refreshments is a must. If the meeting is for few hours, tea, coffee, etc. should be arranged. If the meeting stretches for a day proper arrangements of meals should be made at the meeting venue. While finalising the meeting venue, the availability of refreshments and entertainment should be taken into consideration.

Being careful and considerate with these details, one is sure of having a perfect event or conference with professionalism and successfully winning the confidence and trust of the attendees.

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