Finding Accessible Accommodations for the Disabled – What to Look for


Traveling with a person with disability can be a trying task. There are some difficulties which you are bound to face. However, once you have mastered the art of traveling with a person with disability, you will see that the process is not that difficult or stressful. The first step is to – finding the right accessible accommodations for the disabled.

Gather Information about the Hotels

Well, not every hotel will offer you the benefits of accommodating with disabled persons. This is why, you need to find the hotels that will make your stay with the person with disability a great experience.

If you are unable to find the information, your travel agents can help you in gathering it. Make sure that you talk to your travel agents clearly. When you are searching for the right accommodation for a person with disability, you need to look for some special aspects. Do they offer wheelchair? This is one of the most important questions which you need to ask. If the person needs to be wheeled around, would the hotel help by providing the required equipment?

Once you have inquired about this, you need to forward with the next question on the list. Does the hotel offer proper care for the disable patients? When you are traveling with people with disability, you need to make sure that they have all the required assistance. This is why, you need to first make sure that the hotels offer right care for the disable people.

Planning the Travel

Everything begins with proper planning. From finding the Accessible accommodations for the disabled to deciding upon the route, you need to be safe for the sake of the person you are travelling with. If you think that the route you are choosing will be too stressful for your companion, you need to change the route at once.


While you are travelling, make sure to take frequent breaks. This will give your companion a way to rest and be relaxed. This is why, it is advised that you plan your travel early so that you can test every turn that you will take.

Go for a Checkup

It is required that you go for a checkup when you are traveling with disabled. Doctors’ permission for the travel is important. This is why, you must make it a point to see at least one doctor and go for a thorough checkup before hitting the road.

It is important that you talk to the doctor freely about the trip. You need to break the route down and describe to your doctor what will take place on the road. Once this is done, the doctor might be able to advise you on the travel and the accommodation requirement.

Keep Emergency Kit Handy

Make sure to keep emergency phone numbers and details within reach all the time. Also, don’t forget to create an emergency kit for the travel. This will be helpful when you are on the road.  Another important advice to remember is to carry additional medicine all the time.

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