What Are The Different Aspects Of Employment Law


When you are running your own business, you need to be aware of all the different aspects of employment law which will affect you and your employees. Whether you are a small company with just a handful of staff members or a large multi-national corporation, there are some key aspects of employment law which apply to all types of businesses.

Unfair Dismissal

Employers can fire their employees when they think that they are not performing to the standards that are expected of them, or if they have behaved in a way that is not in line with professional conduct. For example, bullying in the office is a common reason that results in the dismissal of staff members. Lawyers can advise businesses whether they have the legal right to dismiss an employee.

Employees can claim unfair dismissal in situations such as when they have been fired after going on pre-determined maternity leave. Choose lawyers in Dorking who can handle unfair dismissal cases.

Wrongful Dismissal

If an employee breaches the terms of their contract, they can be placed on “gardening leave” before they have a tribunal. Employees may try to claim that they have been wrongfully dismissed if the reason is not strong enough.


Redundancy refers to when payments are made to employees when they are being released from their contract. The redundancy payment will depend on the employee’s position in the company as well as the number of years that they have been with the company.

Public Interest Disclosure

Employees can make public interest disclosures if they feel if the company that they are employed by is failing to comply with certain standards and is commonly referred to as as “whistleblowing”. Certain rights of the employee are protected by public interest disclosure laws.


Racial, sexual and gender discrimination are all grounds for employees to seek legal action against the company that they are working for. Employers need to train their staff about the standards that they need to comply to regarding discrimination.

Employment Tribunals

An employment tribunal is used to investigate disputes between the employer and the employee. The outcome of the employment tribunal will determine whether the employee has to be dismissed or whether they are eligible for compensation.

Fixed Term Contracts

Lawyers can help business owners to come up with fixed-term contracts which are not in breach of the law.

Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement needs to be supervised by employment lawyers. The employee receives financial compensation in return for leaving the company.

Transfer Of A Business

The transfer of a business is an uncertain time for employees and they need to know what their rights are in terms of their contract. A qualified employment lawyer will be able to advise employees about their contracts with the new owners.

Equal Pay And Working Time

Pay disputes are one of the most common complaints by employees, and this needs to be resolved with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Both employers and employees need to be aware of the laws that affect them in their workplace

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