How to Design a Custom Label That Makes an Impact


It is crucial that your label gets your product off the shelves. If your labelling is not having that effect, you need to change it – simple as that. When you are designing a custom label or having labels designed for you by a custom printing company, you need to pay careful attention to the impact they are creating. The first thing the label needs to do is be noticed. Then your label can give your customers information or inspire them further. There’s a lot of pressure on label design but don’t panic – here are some simple ways you can improve your label design to attract all the attention you need for your product.

Be Clear, Don’t Confuse

Don’t make people work for it – the labelling on a packet or product should clearly show what the product is, and what it is for. Your prospective customers will not have time to guess and work out who you are and what your product is when they see it on the shelf. Make sure that the label clearly states what the product is, and answers any objections to buying upfront.

Be Creative

But don’t think that your labels have to be purely informative and plain. You cannot create a label that is simply black and white text as no one will take any notice of it. You need some good artwork on your label. If you cannot manage this yourself, outsource the job to a professional. There are many ways to design a label, depending on your product and the style of your company, says – be creative and make an attractive label that really attracts attention.

Create a Brand Message

The labels you use on your products send a clear message about the type of brand you are selling and what you offer. And make sure that each product in your brand, though different, is clearly “you”. Also send a clear message about the product and show how the item will make life better for the buyer.

Use Space Wisely

When looking at how to design a successful label, understand that you will have lots of information to put on the label and not much space for it all. A modern labelling machine helps you fit as much as possible without losing quality, but you should be wary of trying to squash too much into the area so that no one can read the information, or that the label looks cluttered and confusing. Put the necessary items on first and then see what you have left to play with.

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