The Dangers of a Damp Home


Companies such as UK Property Preservation helped thousands of homeowners across Newcastle protect their homes from the dangers of dampness. However, there were many more homeowners who did not know the importance of such a service. Without directly seeing any leaks, they often did not think to check for them in their homes, often missing a serious problem until long after it escalated.

Small leaks seemed harmless to many but clever homeowners knew they were things that they could not ignore. Although some leaks came without immediate water damage, mould growth and bacterial growth began within 24 to 48 hours of a moisture intrusion. Damp homes were proven beyond a doubt to cause respiratory illnesses as well as a number of other health issues. Again and again, research found a direct link between moisture in a home and respiratory problems, especially in younger children. Where there was mould and bacteria, danger lurked. By calling on the right companies such as UK Property Preservation for help, homeowners could protect their families and properties from serious consequences.


Damp proofing in Newcastle prevented one of the most dangerous and invisible threats to human health: bacteria. No amount of antibacterial cleaning products can completely compensate for a damp property. Although bacteria grew nearly anywhere, moisture introduced to a home gave them exactly what they needed to spread rapidly. Bacterial colonies grew on damp organic matter such as wooden floorboards and studs inside walls. From there, they entered the air circulated throughout the home, often aided by the home’s duct system. Although filters certainly help reduce bacteria, they could not possibly stand up to an invasion caused by dampness.


When properties experience large quantities of water damage, homeowners experienced higher levels of mouse and cockroach allergens. For children with asthmatic symptoms, such problems only exacerbated the illness, often causing more frequent asthma attacks. Cockroach and rat waste material was found to trigger asthma and these pests were also proven to flourish in damp environments. Not only did homes without damp proofing have higher numbers of pests and more frequent invasions but those living inside experienced more severe asthma-related issues.


Similar to bacteria, moulds were found to absolutely thrive in damp environments, often with little to no sunlight at all. Black mould and other dangerous species were found to grow in homes with excess dampness, often causing allergic reactions and potentially deadly diseases. Whether the illness was a direct result of the mould or exposure to mould, or whether it was the result of another similar organism, the existence of dampness inside the home led to the problem. In short, improperly protected homes threatened the health of every single living being residing in the property and only the right companies could treat the problem.

Such services offered to these homeowners were far more cost-effective than they thought. For an exceptionally reasonable price, homeowners not only protected their homes but their own health. In addition, they enjoyed greater peace of mind when inside their own homes, something no one should do without for a single moment.

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