Coinmama Review


Various about Coinmama reviews that have come before this review have always reiterated the fact that Coinmama is a safe place to buy bitcoins. There is so much that you may not be aware as long as Coinmama is concerned. First, it allows you to buy bitcoins from its platform to any other online wallet you may choose. Now the only thing you are required to do is come with your credit or debit card which is loaded with funds. With this you will be allowed to authorize this purchase. However, with Coinmama, only two forms of crypto currency are used but sources have it that other forms of currencies will be unveiled soon. With more and more crypto currencies, you will be able to buy bit coins using any other currency. This the good news about it.

The basics of Coinmama worth being aware of

Just like any other online account, Coinmama allows you to access its services by simply creating an account through the website. Thais is, filling a personal details form, then the link will be sent to your email. Your email will allow you to access a link and this ink will redirect you back to your account where you will set up your profile as well as verify the method of payment you would want to use during financial transactions. It should be noted however that Coinmama does not offer any digital wallets but allows you to buy bitcoins and transfer them to other digital wallets. The only thing to do is give a wallet address and allow the transfer into your account.

Coinmama safety

Some of the cautious customers may always not fail to ask if a system is safe or not. The best security feature about Coinmama platform is that it employs various security features which include: 256-Bit SLL encrypting as well as the Trust Guard. With this tough measures, you are assured of security of funds as well as secure transactions at all times. With a transaction that involves an amount of $50,000 and above, the user will be expected to comply with security details which will be availed in different authentication stages. You don’t need to worry whenever there is a doubt or a technical hitch because the website as 24 hour customer support online. Given that the platform is registered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement network Department of Treasury, you don’t need to worry about anything because this platform is legit. The fact that they are in 217 countries and 3 states in the US, you don’t need to worry about anything.  For more information please visit

Comparing Coinmama with other platforms

Coinmama has been competing with platform which are also crucial for comparison. Coinbase is one of the platforms which serve about 190 countries in the world. Unlike the low transaction charges at Coinmama, it has placed its charges at 3.99% fee. This is higher as compared to that of Coinmama; which is 1%. The Bittrex platform serves 190 countries, there process fee is low and their verification is simple. The security levels of transactions are also high. On the other hand, Bitpanda allows you to use bank transfers, PayPal and other methods of payments.

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