Choosing the Right Bitcoin ATM for Remittances, Purchases, Sales and Printing Receipts


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could withdraw Bitcoin from an ATM just like you withdraw cash?

That need not be a fantasy anymore, especially since you have access to a Bitcoin ATM locator now. These Bitcoin ATM locators can help you find the crypto ATMs around town and even give you the guidance necessary to use them. Once you locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM, you should click on the marker for more details.

A reliable Bitcoin ATM locator should give you the exact address of the ATM complete with the operating hours of the ATM, the list of supported Cryptocurrency, average fees, limits, and ATM type.

Why do we love using Bitcoin ATMs?

Currently, there are quite a few Bitcoin ATM locators that pinpoint the geographic location of the cryptocurrency ATMs across the world. Besides Bitcoin, you can find ATMs for Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, and Dogecoin in the US. The pins show accurate locations of the Bitcoin ATMs.

Some of these Crypto ATMs also support remittances. You can send cash from one part of the country to another to your friends or family via these ATMs. You can opt for cash-to-cash payments by using two corresponding Bitcoin ATMs across the nation. It has made money and asset transfer hassle-free, lightning-fast, and cost-efficient.

How difficult is it to purchase crypto from a Bitcoin ATM?

Purchasing Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is quite easy. It can take less than a minute for someone who has prior experience. For newbies, it can take only a couple of minutes to figure out how to operate the machine. You can not only find detailed instructions on a Bitcoin ATM locator website, but you can also find highly informative instructional videos that can teach you the nitty-gritty of operating a Bitcoin ATM for buying or selling Bitcoin.

How to find a Bitcoin ATM as per your specifications?

You can choose to use a wallet address you have created beforehand, or you can allow the Bitcoin ATM to generate one for you. However, not all Bitcoin ATMs have receipt printers. If you need a printed receipt of the address the Bitcoin ATM generates, you need to know about the different types of machines that support receipt prints –

  • All Genesis Coin ATMs support receipt printing
  • General Bytes Two-way BATMThree model, BitAccess machines and BitXatm can support receipt printing

The Bitcoin ATM maps include the type of machine available at a location. When you use any of these machines at an accessible site, you will get the option to generate a Bitcoin wallet address that the machine will print for you. You will get the receipt typically before the end of the process or the beginning of the purchase. This receipt will contain a private key and a public key.

You need to keep the private key safely away from the public view. It will give you access to the repertoire of Bitcoin and other Cryptos you have stored. Anyone with the key can access, sell, or transfer Bitcoin from the address.

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