The Changing Face of Mail Delivery


Did you know that parcel delivery now outnumbers the delivery of regular letters? This has certainly been a thorny issue for the national mail carrier but it also means that our behaviour has also drastically changed. As a nation, we are now buying things online more than ever before. It seems that our comfort with electronic commerce has resulted in a torrent of parcels hitting our doorsteps!

Small Business Taking Advantage

What this means is that many small businesses around the country have been able to compete on a largely level playing field with the big boys in commerce. No longer chained to the brick-and-mortar retail store, many small to medium-sized businesses are now taking advantage of our national desire to buy things online and have them delivered straight to our doors.

Just imagine a small business that produces a niche product. They can take advantage of cheap social media marketing to reach not only a national audience but also an international one. For the business in this position, the potential to drive revenue is enormous and the global market has become the generator of success.

Ensuring That Products Go Where They Are Meant to

Of course, all of this rapid growth and reliance on product delivery also means that businesses are under pressure to ensure that parcels end up where they are meant to. It is no good running a small business when parcel delivery is messed up through sloppy labelling, for example!

The good news is that companies such as Dial A Label can offer custom labels for a wide variety of printers. Every business that relies heavily on parcel delivery understands that clear labelling and labels that actually fit in existing printers are crucial to their ongoing success. It may seem a small thing but the fact is that the transport of mailed products is the bread and butter of these kinds of 21st-century businesses.

Enhancing the Brand

Where the early 21st century is exciting for small and innovative businesses is in the opportunities that are presented. More than ever before in human history, business people are offered a way to engage with audiences, build positive brands, and nurture good relationships with a global customer base through digital means and digital communication.

The major advantage for small businesses just starting out on the path is that they now have easy access to a global audience if they apply the right strategies. Yet, despite these tectonic changes in how businesses market themselves, some basic tenets remain strongly relevant to overall success including good communication, ethical business behaviour, and prioritising great customer service.

Whether through clear labelling or an emphasis on social media marketing that engages directly with a customer base, it is as important as it ever was for businesses to adapt to current trends and current technologies. Indeed, businesses that do this have a much higher chance of succeeding where other businesses fail to adapt to the environment.

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