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Business Management: 4 Tips for First-Time Business Owners

It’s always an exciting prospect to start a new business venture, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Apart from the potentially lucrative rewards that success can yield, being your own boss comes with a lot of advantages. But don’t be fooled: it’s not without its fair share of challenges. Running a company is a massive undertaking, after all. And the amount of planning and preparation you do now will ultimately define the endeavour later on. To this end, here are a few management tips for those starting a business for the first time.

  1. Conduct market research

No matter how good an idea is, it’ll still take a lot of work transforming it into a feasible business plan. And if you don’t take the time to conduct adequate market research, not only will you be unable to identify the demand and expectations of your target audience. But you’ll also increase the risks of the endeavour. So don’t skimp on statistical studies and opinion research. It’ll give you a competitive edge and maximise your chances of developing effective advertising strategies. And as a result, generate more sales for your company.

  1. Secure funding for capital

If you don’t have enough capital to establish your company, you’ll need to find funding. And a combination of comprehensive market research, extensive planning, and a stab at creating your business’ brand will help you secure the finances that you need to launch your startup. There are several avenues that you can take to find the funds that you require, from your own personal savings and family and friends to angel investors and traditional loan options. The key is to carefully compare each against the other to see which one will best fit your business model.

  1. Don’t quit your day job just yet

No one can deny that starting a business venture requires a considerable commitment of time and effort. However, it’s usually a good idea not to quit your regular nine-to-five until you’ve begun to generate profits. After all, you’re going to need additional funds to keep your company afloat for at least a few months. And if you stop your current work now, you’ll risk losing your only source of income. As such, it’s better to stick with your job first until you’ve got both feet on the ground.

  1. Never spend on impulse

Expenditure will always be a part of running a business. There’s no getting around this fact. However, you mustn’t spend on impulse. Instead, learn to explore every option and compare prices for all the products and services that you need before financially committing to them. For example, if you’re looking for contractors for commercial fencing, you’ll have a better chance of finding companies like  if you do your research first.

There are few things as thrilling and equally intimidating than starting a business. However, by following these business management tips, you’ll give your startup more than a good chance of succeeding, no matter the industry or trade.


Office Space

The Key Advantages of a Serviced Office Space for Your Small and Growing Business

Many businesses today have had to evolve with the changing times, and a lot of businesses are finding new ways to economise and save money and resources as well. Small businesses, in particular, are trying to be more practical, and along with this come the increasing popularity of serviced offices. If you have a small enterprise and are looking to expand and find the proper space where you can conduct business, meet clients, and give your clients a better overall impression of your company, then you may also be thinking about serviced offices. But what exactly are serviced offices, and what can you expect from them? Here’s what you really should know about the key advantages of a serviced office space for your small and growing business.

What it really is

Serviced offices are usually furnished spaces which are also equipped with electricity and communication technology such as internet and telephone connections, and they can also come with additional services such as cleaning and maintenance, meeting room rental, kitchen and reception areas, and more. A typical serviced office will be managed by a serviced office operator, and these operators often rent or lease out various-sized spaces to clients, and this gives clients access to a wholly private space for their needs without the hassle of a long-term lease.

The real advantages of serviced offices

  • Flexibility and a short-term lease

Business startups and small businesses are keen to grow, but they can only expand if they have the proper assets at their disposal. And a serviced office is definitely an asset because it offers flexibility and a short-term lease, which means that once your business grows, you can easily opt for a bigger space or end your agreement or contract with only a month’s notice in advance. If you want your company to be agile and are looking for convenience, serviced offices are ideal.

  • A cost-effective solution without any downtime

With serviced offices such as office space to rent in Manchester from Cariocca Enterprises, you can have a truly cost-effective solution for your business space requirements, and you don’t have to deal with downtime, either. You need only pay for whatever space you use, and most of these spaces are also furnished and already come with capabilities such as Internet and telephone lines, CCTVs, parking facilities, reception services, meeting rooms, and more. All you essentially have to do is choose your office or business space, move in, and start working, so you don’t have to deal with any downtime in your business. The serviced office solution has indeed helped a lot of small and startup businesses because it frees up their financial resources for other priorities as well.

  • The opportunity to meet other business owners and prospective clients

Most serviced offices are centrally and ideally located, which means that they are often near other business centres and offices, so you can establish your business base and be confident that you can meet other business owners and even prospective clients with ease. You can stay in a place which you may not be able to afford if you were to rent a space traditionally, and you can take advantage of the convenience it gives in terms of networking and connecting to other people with the same goals and mindset.



What Makes VAT Recovery a Perfect Solution for You

To begin with, be aware that if your employees travel by train, plane or boat, it will not be possible for your company to recover the deductible VAT. Indeed, these means of transport are not subject to it. This is also the case for mileage charges. These allowances are not affected by deductible VAT. However, it can be recouped from fuel costs.

Recovery of VAT on “fuel” expense reports

Currently, the recovery of VAT on diesel is still favored over that of gasoline. In order to harmonize these two fuels, the State has planned a 5-year alignment of the gasoline VAT regime with that of diesel, which will be total in 2022.


The recovery of VAT on fuel concerns both professional vehicles (belonging to the company) and personal ones. However, for the latter, it will be necessary to prove that the trips are made within the framework of the employee’s activity.

VAT recovery on toll and parking expense reports

As with fuels, VAT can also be recovered on the costs of motorway tolls and parking costs (and other parking lots). Of course, keep in mind that this recovery is only possible if the trips have been made in the interest of the company. Using the 1099 tax calculator is essential in such a case.

In addition, it is also necessary that these costs be justified, therefore accompanied by supporting documents. And, for the latter to be admissible, they must include:

  • The name of the company;
  • The name of the driving employee;
  • The address (head office) of the company;
  • The registration number of the vehicle;
  • The object of the move.

For parking, VAT is recoverable only in certain cases:

  • For spaces reserved for customers
  • For places reserved for visitors
  • For spaces reserved for staff

The recovery of VAT on the accommodation expenses

When your employees find themselves obliged to sleep in a hotel (or other similar services), you can recover VAT on the expenses incurred.

However, as always, these expenses must have been made in the best interests of the business. In addition, invoices must be drawn up in the name of the company, and especially not that of the employee! However, the latter must still be identified on the document (it can be added by hand).

Additional costs related to accommodation, such as breakfasts or meals and drinks consumed at the hotel are also eligible for VAT.

Justify the professional nature of the catering expense reports to recover VAT

VAT may be recoverable on catering and other hospitality expenses. As for overnight stays, the expenses must be justified and the supporting documents in the name of the company, the names of employees (and potential guests) must also be added.

filing business taxes

The VAT Regime Options You Can Count On

If in doubt, to know the VAT regime applicable to your business and to obtain qualified advice, speak to an accountant.

The normal diet

Each company must submit a monthly declaration. Companies whose turnover does not exceed 2,500,000 euros excluding VAT (250,000 euros excluding VAT for deliveries of mineral oils, mobile phone devices, computers and their peripherals, accessories and components, as well as that of land motor vehicles subject to registration regulations) may submit a quarterly declaration. For filing business taxes this is important.

Special regimes

  • The VAT exemption concerns entrepreneurs who achieve an annual turnover not exceeding 25,000 € (excluding VAT).
  • The flat-rate regime applies to companies whose annual turnover does not exceed 750,000 euros (excluding VAT), which mainly deal with individuals (mainly traders). ( see full list )
  • The agricultural regime is reserved for farmers who have no other activity than cultivation, breeding, etc.
  • The margin tax regime is applicable to second-hand goods, works of art, collection or antiques.

The transactions liable to VAT are:

  • Deliveries of goods (subject to Belgian VAT if the place of delivery is located)
  • The provision of services (anything that is not a delivery of goods)
  • Imports (introduction into Belgium of a good from a non-EU country) the invoice does not mention any VAT but the buyer must pay it when the good enters Belgian territory. This tax is deductible.
  • Intra-community acquisitions (introduction into Belgium of goods shipped from an EU member country. The invoice does not mention any VAT but the Belgian purchaser, subject to VAT, indicates the transaction and the tax in its VAT declaration the tax is deductible.

Your VAT obligations

A company subject to VAT is required:

To identify themselves with the competent office before the start of the activity (is done via the business counter), make periodic declarations (monthly or quarterly) for VAT, to pay the Treasury the VAT which it must charge to its customers, to transmit an annual list of customers and keep accounts and issue invoices.

VAT rate

VAT rates vary depending on the nature of the taxed good or service. The rates are currently 6%, 12% and 21%. They are set by royal decree. 6% mainly for basic necessities and for the provision of social services (ex: basic necessities, passenger transport, agricultural services, etc.)

12% for certain goods and services which from an economic or social point of view are important (e.g. coal, margarine, pay TV subscriptions, etc.), 21% for operations relating to goods or services which are not mentioned elsewhere (ex: new cars, electrical household appliances, perfume articles, etc.)


3 Good Business Practices to Adopt in Running a Construction Company

No one can deny that the construction industry is a lucrative business to get into. After all, not only does it play a critical role in the growth and development of an economy. But its importance in the transportation, education, and healthcare sectors means that contractors will almost always be in high demand. 

But just because the pursuit of an entrepreneurial venture in this industry can be financially rewarding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s without its fair share of challenges. In actuality, it’s an endeavor that requires a lot of patience, dedication, hard work, and money. And to tip the balance of success in your favor, I have compiled a small list of good business practices that every construction business owner must adopt.

  1. Evaluate the costs of a project before making a proposal

In the interest of winning a project, many inexperienced contractors will often undersell the associated costs and try to bid the lowest. Only to find out later that they won’t generate enough profit from the given estimate. So make sure that you avoid making the same mistake and thoroughly evaluate the costs of the desired project before you make a proposal. In this way, you’ll leave yourself with more financial wiggle room and keep yourself from running out of money before you’ve completed the project.

  1. Take the time to explore and compare all available options before spending

In business, you must spend to make money. There’s no getting around this fact. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend more than what is necessary. When you get right down to it, the revenue that you’ll generate hinges on your operational expenses. And the lower you’re able to get your costs, the higher your profits will be. Whether you’re looking for plant machinery or materials like construction fasteners, always consider all available options before deciding. It may seem like a lot of extra work now, but a small investment of time in doing so will pay dividends in helping you keep your expenditure down. 

  1. Stay flexible when planning for projects

It’s impossible to predict everything that can happen during a project. And to ensure that your project runs smoothly even in the event of any potential issues like unexpected changes in weather conditions and client-made alterations and adjustments, it’s a general rule of thumb to stay flexible when planning for a project. It may sound counter-productive, but leaving a little room in the plan for any changes will help you adapt much easier in the event that the need arises.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of running a construction business. It can be a financially fulfilling endeavour, after all. But make no mistake: the road to success isn’t without difficulty. But by adopting the good business practices mentioned above, you’ll give your company a better chance at achieving the desired success and making your mark in the industry.

Your Business

A List of the Best Practices in Bookkeeping You should Follow for Your Business

There is no denying that keeping your financial records in order can take a lot of time, effort, and skill, more so if you are running your own business. But keeping proper financial records entails an awareness of bookkeeping processes, and you need to be efficient and highly organised so you don’t make any mistakes. Your bookkeeping responsibilities can include noting down all your expenses as well as earnings every month to ensuring that you have the proper calculations for your tax returns. But what else should you know about proper bookkeeping so you can run your business in a better way? Here’s a list of the best practices in bookkeeping you should follow for your business.

  • Begin as early as possible

Allot even just a few minutes every day or a dedicated time period each week to note down your financial transactions and information. If you keep putting the task off, you will end up having a ton of paperwork to deal with, and this can increase the likelihood of making mistakes. Be timely when it comes to bookkeeping and don’t keep it waiting. Once you dedicate the proper time to it, it will become easier to keep track of everything and see how your business is faring and where it is going.

  • Keep it separate

Even if you are operating a small business or are self-employed, you should keep your work account entirely separate from your business account. One of the foremost things you should do is open an account solely for your business. This will save you from the hassle of going through your receipts and trying to figure out which purchases were personal and which were business-related. The benefits of this go further: if your accounts are separate, then you can more clearly see your available cash flow for your business, and you can make better decisions regarding what you can do to make your business develop and grow.

  • Make use of credit or debit cards for each transaction so you can keep a record

When you make use of credit or debit cards for each of your business transactions, this allows you to keep a record of every transaction. You can then keep better track of whatever you spend, how you spent it, and when you spent it. In some instances, it may be a good idea to use a personal credit or debit card, such as if you pay for petrol to go to work each day. But for this, you can simply add up the expense and claim it as an expense for your business every month.

  • Use the right software

Nowadays, there is various software you can use to make bookkeeping easier, so you shouldn’t fail to optimise it as well. If you can, look for software you can access in the cloud so you can check your records in real-time and from anywhere. You can also make use of professional bookkeeping services to free up your time and allow you to focus on other essential business tasks and details.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep all your receipts, and make sure to scan your printed receipts so you have a digital copy, as printed receipts can easily fade or even get lost. You never know when you need them, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Vong bi nsk For Efficient Industrial Work

The industrial market produces various brands for bearings, and one might get confused as to buy what and where from. Vong bi nsk i.e., nsk bearings, is the largest and the finest among all. The supply and transportation are carried out by a company called Kim Minh Phu, who is very skilled and competent in industrial equipment.

Initiated in 1916, Japan, nsk brand bearings hold the world’s second-largest bearing manufacturer. It offers genuine and different kinds of bearings to its customers. The mechanical and industry sector has seen a huge growth in Asia, thanks to them. Vong bi nsk produces good quality products as per the needs and wants of consumers. Each product has outstanding and beneficial features.

Some exclusive products include-

  • nsk tapered ball bearing- this has four kinds proficient at combating radial and axial loads.
  • nsk ball bearing- for the smooth and efficient functioning of machines.
  • nsk roller bearing-used in all sorts of heavy machinery for keeping space in moving parts.
  • nsk plastic ball bearing- made from polymer plastic. It provides insulation and is corrosion resistant.
  • nsk heat-resistant ball bearing- with the name being self-explanatory, it also gives great accuracy and speed in tasks.
  • nsk needle bearing- this is befitting for small space layouts.
  • nsk drum bearing- high load capacity for heavy industries.
  • nsk ceramic ball bearing- this stimulates the task, offer more rigidity and smooth functioning.

There is a complete price list for customers on the website for their convenience.

Plus points of nsk bearings-

  • Great quality products are offering precision and reasonable prices.
  • Certain privileges for customers.
  • Befitting and accustomed to all the requirements of the consumers.
  • When installed, it gives smooth and efficient functioning of the machines.
  • Durable, and that saves money in the long run.
  • Applicable products in fields of agriculture, mining, motor technology, among others.
  • Patient and helpful customer care 24/7 at service.
  • Technical support is given as and when required.
  • There are after-sales policies that help and support the customers after their purchase. A hotline is dedicated when they want to seek advice.

With its genuine products imported from all over the world, vong bi nsk is a trustworthy, reliable, and the leading industrial manufacturer worldwide. In 150 countries, it has more than 20 factories and serves the customers with utmost satisfaction. Whether it is a field of agriculture or automobile, it provides great and efficient service.


Explain the role of marketing agencies for business?

Marketing agencies are the specific organizations that help any kind of business in making the product value. These are the agencies that work on the marketing of the product and try all possible ways in making their brand value. Many successful firms work in enhancing other businesses like Lead Express that works with loyalty for their clients. Marketing agencies hire experienced employees who work hard for their clients in the increment of successful marketing. They use their whole knowledge and successor experience in making the entity of the company into the competitive market. We can say these firms are a company in itself who work for other businesses that create, execute, and support the marketing strategy for making their products popular. Marketing agencies are the dedicated firms who work for others and give their best in increasing the sale of the products by growing their market value by using different marketing strategies. 

They work for all kind of big or small business. If someone is going to start up a business and have no experience how to do the marketing of the product. These agencies help in promoting the marketing of the product so the product’s brand value increases. Their marketing plans are so much effective that grow the sale of a product in the next few months or sometimes take only a few days. They play an important role in the marketing of each type of newly established business. They create marketing strategies after doing deep research on the business and their products and work on making their brand value. They always try to find out more about the marketing plans and get to know about the recent trends that currently running in the market. 

They make a complete profile of an ideal consumer through a demographic study to know what things are working in the market. Once you let know the product for which you are marketing and how much effort you did to reach the marketing agency, they support their clients in all possible ways by making whole marketing strategies. They build and execute their plans for particular marketing campaigns and check the success of these campaigns. It will be a smart decision for every new business beginner to hire a marketing agency for their company. They all work according to their specialization field, like:

  • Advertisement agencies: These agencies focus on the best advertisement plan. They present the product ineffective way towards the viewers. They use different types of print media for advertisement like newspapers, hoardings, magazines, etc.
  • Brand agencies: They help their clients in giving the name of the company along with the logo and effective punch line.
  • Graphics design agencies: They plays important role in making an artistic design for the packaging of the products.


How to choose the stock exchange on the share market?

With millions of shares on the stock market they are building with lots of excitement with various technologies over it. The company share is pre-build with many investors and more money is invested through it. Stock marketing is where the places many people feels and take their own way of risk for buying also selling the share. The stock marketing will make the money into double and even get more advantage of more shareholders on the market.

It is highly safe to handle the shares on online with different aspects. The NASDAQ: AFH at is nothing but the company produces the automobile insurance with profitable stock exchange in it Stock marketing is the place where you can get the returns for your investment. With the digital investment you can gain more profit which depends on the right time and right choice of shares for making it more profitable. Stock marketing makes things better enough and can maintain a high level of profit for your investment process on it. Also you can get the best type of returns from other investment processes without any delay over it. You can also invest the money in the stock market in many ways. You can even deliver the money by trading the shares from the stock marketing.

You can invest the money on a share through an online process without any kind of middle man or broker. It is simple and effective for investing in the shares. You can invest your money on several of the shares which the multinational companies have invested. The profit or losses can vary according to different times. The online stock marketing process will make every simple buying the share and dealing it with various circumstances for it.

People who invested in the stock market need to calm enough to earn the profit from the shares which you have invested in it. Buying the stock value is simple and effective for fore coming years. Being patients and waiting for long term investment will give much profitable one.

The NASDAQ: AFH documentation is simple and effective and it can be understood by everyone. The stock investment provides the trading details for access to the details and deals with the marketing process over different functionality over the various circumstance of it. Investing will make the profit level to a certain distance and to access the functionality of every formation over it. You can even buy the shares online and sell them through the online process over it. If you are new to stock trading, you can learn how to invest in stocks first. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

BFX - Friends of Furniture

BFX – Friends of Furniture

BFX Furniture is the chief dealer of office furniture types of equipment in Melbourne. Planning for opening a new trade or just increasing your office, BFX qualified office furniture advisors supports you to select the appropriate furniture.  If anyone thinking to select the best quality chairs for your staff and employees. BFX Furniture provides office furniture like chairs and desks along with computer tables and desks. They have a furniture showroom in various places in Australia.

Office furniture is the most important aspect of office it helps to work employees for long hours for which the productivity of the company increases. If they are selected in the wrong way then it leads to health complications of employees.

BFX Furniture Melbourne, they do not just stream office equipment. They convey creatively planned office furniture.  You will find the best office furniture for a deal in Melbourne at their showrooms. In order to convey the first-class furniture, they guarantee advanced investigation in recent office design.

Office furniture can be the main charge for small and medium trades.  BFX furniture focuses on bringing office furniture that meets everyone’s budget.

They constantly safeguard superiority workmanship. They are known for manufacturing the topmost standard office desks and chairs. This is for both the private and public sectors.  You are invited to choose them now for budget-friendly workplaces for your Melbourne agency.

The types of workplace furniture should be measured carefully. This is in order to take away home your brand product. This leaves your clients to feel at home as your office furniture is in coordination with commercial colors. Low-quality office furniture makes your clients disbelief your ability in delivering excellent services. High-quality office furniture imitates your abilities when it comes to service delivery. No matter the sort of company you run, you want your clients to keep faith in your abilities.  Come to BFX for a wide range of first-class office furniture.

BFX furniture advisor will walk you thru the course of choosing furniture design and hues. The general objective is to form sure your furniture connects to the brand message. Right from making the primary call to BFX their staffs are prepared to supply you helpful answers to different studies. They supply a friendly client service. You’re guaranteed a smooth experience. BFX customer agents will connect you to well-informed and skilled furniture consultants.

Here the main thing that matters is customer experience. , They are concentrated to deliver to your prospects. For the ages that they have helped Melbourne consumer needs remain very important for them.

For every order, they are able to deliver a hassle-free experience. If anyone planning to upgrade office furniture for your office BFX would be the right choice. For BFX furniture checks their online furniture inventory and places an order. We will ensure fast and convenient delivery to your doorstep.