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4 Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Expenses

Running a small business is a tough job, but it is also highly rewarding. Often, the difference between profitable and struggling small businesses is cash flow. And what is one of the important aspects to consider when thinking about cash flow? The answer is expenses.

Many business owners overlook the importance of managing their expenses, but getting the process right can save you money and improve your business’s financial health over the long term.

Here, we take a closer look at expenses, what you can claim, how to claim them, and what difference they can make to your business. In particular, we look at the mistakes small businesses make when dealing with expenses.

  1. Not Understanding the Definition of Expenses

A misunderstanding over what constitutes an expense can cause missed opportunities for financial savings. An expense can mean any number of costs associated with business activity, including the purchase of equipment, stationery, food for employees, fuel, and other items. They also include advertisement costs, electricity costs, and entertainment.

  1. Not Being Clear About the Types of Expenses

There are three main types of expenses that businesses can claim, according to Cheltenham tax accountants. The two major categories are Overhead Business Expenses and Cost of Sales Expenses.

Overhead business expenses are the costs that are running in the background, regardless of what the business is doing at the time. For example, overhead expenses include insurance, rent, gas and electricity, accounting services, loan repayments and communications, for example, Wi-Fi.

Cost of sales expenses are also known as direct cost expenses. They are the opposite of overhead expenses. They are generated in order to make money. For example, they include the cost of ingredients for a restaurant to make meals. It is a cost of sales expense if it results in being able to sell services or products.

  1. Not Dealing With Expenses Separately

Both of these types of business expenses need to be dealt with separately in order to maintain financial control and good financial health. It is important to see that the more your sales increase, the more the cost of sales expenses will increase, but that overhead expenses will not alter, regardless of sales. Monitor the two types of expenses in different platforms by creating different accounts and keeping separate records. Make sure that each type of expense has a separate budget.

  1. Getting Confused About Employee Salaries

Many businesses treat employee salaries as overhead expenses since they do not alter with sales, but this is dependent on the environment. In the service industry, for instance, employee salaries are actually cost of sales expenses.

Although the practice of separating your business expenses is invaluable to the organisation and growth of your business, it can sometimes be tricky to discern which expenses belong to which category. This is very common, but it does make it difficult to work out how to apply each new expense to your financial accounting. In order to avoid making mistakes, it is helpful to consult professional accountants who can advise you on correct procedures and processes.


Choosing the Right Bitcoin ATM for Remittances, Purchases, Sales and Printing Receipts

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could withdraw Bitcoin from an ATM just like you withdraw cash?

That need not be a fantasy anymore, especially since you have access to a Bitcoin ATM locator now. These Bitcoin ATM locators can help you find the crypto ATMs around town and even give you the guidance necessary to use them. Once you locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM, you should click on the marker for more details.

A reliable Bitcoin ATM locator should give you the exact address of the ATM complete with the operating hours of the ATM, the list of supported Cryptocurrency, average fees, limits, and ATM type.

Why do we love using Bitcoin ATMs?

Currently, there are quite a few Bitcoin ATM locators that pinpoint the geographic location of the cryptocurrency ATMs across the world. Besides Bitcoin, you can find ATMs for Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, and Dogecoin in the US. The pins show accurate locations of the Bitcoin ATMs.

Some of these Crypto ATMs also support remittances. You can send cash from one part of the country to another to your friends or family via these ATMs. You can opt for cash-to-cash payments by using two corresponding Bitcoin ATMs across the nation. It has made money and asset transfer hassle-free, lightning-fast, and cost-efficient.

How difficult is it to purchase crypto from a Bitcoin ATM?

Purchasing Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is quite easy. It can take less than a minute for someone who has prior experience. For newbies, it can take only a couple of minutes to figure out how to operate the machine. You can not only find detailed instructions on a Bitcoin ATM locator website, but you can also find highly informative instructional videos that can teach you the nitty-gritty of operating a Bitcoin ATM for buying or selling Bitcoin.

How to find a Bitcoin ATM as per your specifications?

You can choose to use a wallet address you have created beforehand, or you can allow the Bitcoin ATM to generate one for you. However, not all Bitcoin ATMs have receipt printers. If you need a printed receipt of the address the Bitcoin ATM generates, you need to know about the different types of machines that support receipt prints –

  • All Genesis Coin ATMs support receipt printing
  • General Bytes Two-way BATMThree model, BitAccess machines and BitXatm can support receipt printing

The Bitcoin ATM maps include the type of machine available at a location. When you use any of these machines at an accessible site, you will get the option to generate a Bitcoin wallet address that the machine will print for you. You will get the receipt typically before the end of the process or the beginning of the purchase. This receipt will contain a private key and a public key.

You need to keep the private key safely away from the public view. It will give you access to the repertoire of Bitcoin and other Cryptos you have stored. Anyone with the key can access, sell, or transfer Bitcoin from the address.


5 Top Tips for Getting the Best Website Design Agency for Your Project

It can be hard to know if you are making the right decision when it comes to hiring a website design agency for your next project. Whether you have experience in design or you are completely new to the process, picking an agency to work on your website design can be difficult. You may have narrowed the choice down to some agencies that all have good portfolios, good proposals, and good staff. But how do you make the final choice?

First, consider the basics. Look at how the agency is going to handle the project, their timeline, and their work ethic. Look at the cost. Look at the technology involved and the platforms. Then, look at these five lesser-discussed tips to help make your final choice.

  1. Find Out Exactly What You’re Getting

It’s time to get specific. Look into exactly what you will be getting for your money. What is the budget going towards and what formats will design elements be in. Will you need to pay more for extras further down the line? Will you be able to increase your demands if you need to, as the project progresses? For instance, Flashbang Website Design proposals always include details on exactly what is covered, and any issues that arise from initial proposals can be considered and adjusted before the project gets underway.

  1. Know Where Images Come From

No one wants to end up with a website full of images that infringe copyright. You need to know that images and fonts are licensed and that there are no restrictions on how you can use these images, in other projects or on the website itself.

  1. Get Help on Content Creation?

If you are getting design help for your website, do you also need content creation expertise? A website will work adequately with good design alone, but there needs to be some content that expresses your brand, communicates your ideas and allows your website to be fully utilised by the public. Discuss whether a copywriter will be involved in the project.

  1. Find Out Who Will Work on the Project

Do you know exactly who will take the day to day responsibility for your project, and who will be in control of overall strategy? Do you have key contact people who will be available if you have questions? It is a good idea to have a stable team in place so you know who is working on your project and so you can be sure that you get good continuity. When you meet with an agency to discuss hiring them, you will probably meet with senior members of the team, but these people may not end up working on your project.

  1. Consider All Your Options

Before you make a final decision, weigh up all your options. Look at whether you could use a large agency or a small agency. Look at different budgets and see what comes with each package – the cheapest may not be overall the best value.


Pick the Perfect Image for Every Webpage

A great image for a webpage is usually not enough. Think strategically about your images and what role you want them to play on your website, rather than using images purely for graphical interest or to add decoration to webpages.  A Branding Agency from sites such as can help you with the logo and how to market your webpage in the right places and show to the right people.

Image Credit

Articulate Your Goals

Websites are vital for businesses and it is important to get them right.

Your website must support your organisation’s goals. These goals should underpin the structure and content of your website, by careful design and content strategy. They will also drive the strategy in choosing images across your website, giving a clear indication of what the right images should be per webpage.

For example:

• About us: For people to gain understanding of your mission – what the company does and why
• Location: Enable customers to easily find you
• Business: Highlight flagship business plans and their impact

Image Credit

Webpages such as these seem simple but are complicated and detailed in their purpose. Careful wording and the correct imagery contributes to the perception of the organisation.

Clear Goals

• About us: Possible images for this page would include smiling teams of people or the organisation helping customers. This shows the customer a friendly face to put to the business.
• Location: A map of the organisation’s location and a photograph of the building from a street view would be helpful for customers to recognise your location. Instead of an image, consider embedding a map.
• Business: A photograph of people from the organisation working on something, or a group photograph of people who work at the company. This illustrates the work that you do and how you make an impact.

It is important to think strategically about using the correct image for you webpage content. Develop a strategy that will assist your staff in collecting photographs that represent your business in the best possible way. By writing documentation and lists of the images you need, you can be clear in your mission and hire a photographer or take the photos yourself.

Organise your photos into categories after analysing your goals for each webpage on your site. Consider further sorting your images by date, and tagging them with each section they will relate to.


Save Time and Money for Your Business with a Virtual Receptionist

If you are in charge of small business and juggling between business tasks and customer support, investing in virtual receptionist services can go the extra mile in boosting the success and visibility of your business. With the help of a good company, you can get an experienced receptionist to manage your business calls and boost the image of your company with success.

Get professional with a good virtual receptionist service

Investing in a good virtual receptionist service helps you to become professional and improve the service quality of your business with success. Customers often call the business for assistance with their concerns and queries. This is why it is prudent to have a receptionist round-the-clock to answer the phone and transfer the calls of clients and partners to you. However, most small business owners in a bid to save money attempt to invest in these services themselves. The result is often disastrous for the company, and most of the calls are missed, and the business owner might not have the telephone etiquette or the skills to manage the calls with professionalism. This becomes detrimental for the business, and if customers feel neglected or ignored, they will leave your business and never come back. Moreover, they will spread negative word of mouth about the business, and this does go a long way in spoiling your reputation and trust in the market.

No need to hire receptionists for the business unit

With the help of professional services, you no longer have to hire receptionists for the office. This means you can alleviate the stress and tensions of answering the phone when your receptionist is on leave or is sick. Virtual receptionist services have professional experts that are dedicated to managing your business calls 24/7 round-the-clock. Several experts work in shifts, so here you can actually keep your office open during the day and night for customer support all year-round. With the right virtual receptionist services, you effectively can focus on the core tasks of your business, knowing that customer support and service are in safe hands.

Prices and quotes

When it comes to the prices of live receptionist services, you can save money with them. The professionals here offer several price packages that you can opt for when you are searching for good companies for your business needs. These companies will offer competitive rates in the market that are budget-friendly and affordable for most business owners. Comparing price quotes is one of the best ways for a business owner to get the best live receptionist services for their needs.

With a good virtual receptionist service, one is able to boost the repute and credibility of a business with success. The company gets proactive and a customer-oriented receptionist for their business dealings. The experts here are proactive, and they ensure that no call is missed. Every call is documented, and so a business owner is able to keep track of every incoming and outgoing call of the business effectively!


A step-by-step guide to set-up a recurring deposit account

We all have an idea about savings deposit but when it comes to other deposits, we get confused. Banks offer several options to us so that we can save a little for the future or for an emergency. It is better to get an idea about other options too so that we can choose the best one. Here is some step by step guide to set up a recurring deposit.

What is a recurring deposit?

It is a kind of term deposit where one can deposit a fixed amount every month for a certain period of time. The rate of interest availed, however, would be that of a fixed deposit. It is useful for those who have a fixed monthly income. There is a fixed period of time for every recurring deposit. It allows the customer to save a huge amount with a small investment every month.

There is another way of recurring deposit, in which the customer gives a standing instruction to the bank to withdraw money from any savings or current account and debit that in the recurring deposit.

One can open a recurring deposit account online, by following below mentioned steps.

  • Log in to your net banking
  • Click on e-RD or Standard Chartered recurring deposit
  • Your all bank account will be shown, select the one which you want to link with your recurring deposit.
  • Choose the monthly installment and tenure amount.
  • If you are a senior citizen then there will be an additional interest rate for you, so select the senior citizen option (only if applicable).
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If done click on submit.
  • Fill up all your details that are required.
  • Check once again
  • Click on confirm and your recurring deposit will be created.
  • You will get a reference id and an e-RD account number.
  • You also can take a copy of e-RD details like a soft copy or you can print it.
  • You also can set a Standing Instruction or SI online, you will also get an option for that.

For different banks, the process is different. We are helping you with a general process.

  • Whenever you will go to open a recurring deposit a standing instruction will be set with the debited installment from the savings account on an every month basis for a fixed tenure time.
  • On the day of opening the recurring account, the first installment will be debited from the particular savings account. After that on the specific mentioned date on the standing instruction, the amount will be deducted.
  • The minimum amount is 500, you can choose any amount, which is a multiple of 100.
  • If you have enough funds in your account only then a recurring deposit can be created.
  • One also can register a nominee by visiting any branch of the banks with the nomination request form.
  • If due to any issue your mentioned savings account does not contain enough balance to credit in your recurring deposit on the mentioned date, the interest rate will vary in that case. A penalty also can be charged with a certain rate.
  • The minimum tenure period of any recurring deposit is of six months and can be extended up to ten years but the duration should be a multiple of three.
  • If one withdraws the recurring deposit amount before it matures, then the interest will be calculated on the time duration for which the amount was in the bank. The withdrawer also needs to give a penalty at a certain rate.
  • After maturity, the net amount of the recurring deposit will automatically get credited to the savings account that was mentioned in the standing instruction.

Monetize with Merchandise How to Make a Profit with Promotional Goods

Are you looking for another way to stimulate business and encourage your customers to spend more? Or maybe you’re interested in fundraising solutions to raise money for your church or school? When used correctly, promotional goods have the power to gain new customers, build brand awareness and ultimately increase profits with a variety of different applications in many industries.


When it comes to fundraising, promotional goods can be extremely valuable. Custom-imprinted fundraising gifts can help establish credibility with consumers and can even encourage individuals to attend your fundraising events. Organizations can also build brand awareness and gain additional support by gifting custom products like ceramic mugs and tote bags to ongoing supporters or by selling them online. Fundraising merchandise can also offer your company, school, church or political group vital exposure that will eventually result in name recognition.

Employee Motivation

Productive employees are a large aspect of a company’s profitability. Promotional goods can help keep employees motivated and remind them that they are valued and appreciated. Internal competitions with custom-printed prizes not only provides business owners with the opportunity to promote their business, but it also keeps the work culture fun and exciting. Plus, cool tech gifts like these custom bass headphones, a Cyclone Bluetooth speaker or this handy remote phone finder are more motivating than just a pat on the back.

Trade Shows and Events

The main goal at a trade show or large event is likely to attract attention, spread the word about your services and gain customers. Using promotional goods effectively at these events can do wonders. Instead of just handing out logo-printed pens, hand out custom pens with your logo AND a call to action such as Liking your company on Facebook or calling for a quote. It’s also important to know your audience and choose your promotional goods accordingly. If you expect mostly millennials to attend a trade show, make sure to stock up on swag like tablet power bars, selfie sticks or custom headphones.

Free Gifts with Purchase

Everyone loves a free gift. Reward your customers for making a purchase or spending a certain amount by giving them a gift in return. As a result, shoppers will feel like they’re getting an exclusive deal, they’ll have more of an incentive to buy and your brand loyalty will improve. When you’re choosing promotional goods to give away with a purchase, make sure your free gift enhances and reinforces the purchase being made. For example, if a customer buys a shoulder bag or briefcase, follow it up with a free memo book or padfolio.


Promotional goods are some of the most effective advertising tools because they stick around forever and have a lasting impact. According to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76.2 per cent of consumers who received a promotional product could remember the specific product, the advertiser and the message. Additionally, of the participants surveyed, 91 per cent had at least one promotional good in their kitchen, 74 per cent had at least one in their workspace and 55 per cent had one in storage. 


Bloggers with large followings can earn additional money by selling relevant branded merchandise online. Let’s pretend you’re a well-known fitness blogger. Investing in branded promotional goods that your readers will find both appealing and useful would provide another avenue of business growth for your blog. Consider selling custom sports bottles, grocery totes, earbuds and sports bags on your blog and give your loyal readers another opportunity to support you.

Fan Merch

Just as the MLB uses promotional goods to entice fans to the ballpark, loyal fans of bands, dance troupes and theatre companies will load up on swag to not only express their support for the groups they love but to also satisfy a certain culture that they want to fit into. Selling promotional products during halftime or in a gift shop located in a highly trafficked area like a lobby can grow profits considerably.


Steps to start a company in Dubai

Every entrepreneur must follow a set of steps before starting a company in Dubai, in order to benefit everyone to the investor, the country and consumers in general.

To determine the company’s objective and activity, the investor must determine the activity of the company that is based on the establishment, except real estate or food and other activities needed by the market in the UAE, especially Dubai.

In order to ensure the success of the company he founded, and to have customers and achieve the desire of consumers in Dubai, to achieve the goal of the investor to obtain benefits and profits from the company.

To conduct a market study and its needs, the investor should conduct a market study and the clients who will deal with the company, to identify the most important things they want in the company.

In order to provide the best service needed by the consumer, in addition to excellence in what the service offers to other companies competing to survive and achieve its goals of profits.

As well as identify the customs and traditions of customers, in order to determine what they want and refuse to deal with in companies.

To know the laws and procedures, the owner of the company must know the laws of the country and the licenses necessary to establish a company, and identify the procedures to be followed, and prohibitions as well.

This is to prevent any problems after the establishment of the company, in order to ensure its success and not to suffer any future losses.

Submit the application for the company you want to establish via the Internet, where the state provided many facilities that helped investors to establish a company by submitting an application form online.

In order to reserve the name of the company and get approved with all the conditions that apply to its incorporation, the application is approved within a week of submission.

Payment of license fees and signing of legal documents, in order to ensure the investor to establish the company that he wishes to establish in order to help start implementation and work in the company.

By obtaining a license to carry out his business, which is beneficial to the investor and helps in the employment of young people, and increase economic growth in Dubai.


Establishing companies

Establishing companies in Dubai


Fix slow eBay Sales


  • The goal of our consulting – your individual solution! 

Are you looking for eBay advice to increase your eBay visibility? Have your eBay sales dropped for no obvious reason or eBay changes had a bad effect on your turnover? In order to tailor our fix slow eBay sales complete solution to your individual requirements, we provide you with our consulting services. Our project teams consist of one project manager and one or several consultants.Professional marketer recommendation and practice. Using eBay marketplaces to grow your online sales makes wonderful sense, and our consultants are here to assist. To maximise your sales you’ll have knowledgeable eBay recommendation from time to time. That’s wherever we tend to are available in. With years of marketplace expertise, we are here to require you through the whole method and to grow your online sales. We’ve seen it all, so if you’ve got a problem allows us to understand. we tend to like increasing retailers online sales. we are able to improve your eBay listings to fix your slow eBay sales

  • BTW consultant methods for professional Sellers. 

eBay are gradually dynamical their listing rules over the past few years, therefore it is difficult to work out the best strategy. that is why you would like to be talking to an eBay practice with a team of eBay specialists. We’d suggest that you simply keep all you listing information in plain text, do not bury it in Html. That will make sure that once the listing rules modification once more you’ll be able to quickly update the listings, without having to unpick the html from them. If you would like to facilitate to wash up your listings and strip out eBay listing html we’d be happy to assist. It is a posh activity, therefore best to induce eBay specialists concerned. 

  • Specialist advisor services for eBay sellers 

There are around a hundred and sixty million active users on eBay creating it one among the world’s largest marketplaces. If you’re an eBay seller then you’re already a part of a world community of approximately twenty-five million sellers. And if you do not commerce on eBay then it presents an amazing business development chance. Our BTW consulting services are offered to both experienced eBay sellers and novices. We can assist you to start on eBay and equally, we are able to advise on the way to improve your eBay sales and eBay performance. We have a wealth of expertise once it involves eBay listing improvement and eBay store management…We can fix your slow eBay sales, advise on ways to boost your eBay seller rating and even facilitate resolve suspension issues. 


Learn How Jewelers Earn Profit by Selling Gold Jewelry at Its Market Rate

The jewelry made out of gold, silver diamond and pearls are sold in the market by jewelers to satisfy the needs of the customer and to earn a profit for themselves. The value of a pearl depends on factors like type, size, surface quality, etc.

The jewelers who sell different varieties of jewelry make money by selling these wonderful jewelry pieces at a high price range than the actual price. Even these jewelry items can be purchased online which is a good platform for making your selection for jewelry.

To get a glimpse of elegant pearl jewelry the online store PearlsOnly can be visited, which has a wide collection of pearl jewelry designs in the form of necklace, earrings, rings, pendants, etc.

How Jewelers Earn Profit?

This question is very tricky that how money is made by jewelers by selling different types of jewelry items like gold, silver or pearl. However, due to the lifestyle which these jewelers live for e.g. sitting in their air-conditioned shops, having expensive cars is enough to know about the profit they earn by selling jewelry products at a high price range.

Secrets of Business in a Jewelry Trade

You need to be aware of the fact that all the gold ornaments are not made of pure 24-carat gold and jewelry is mostly made by mixing other metals as well. The jewelers sell 20-carat gold with the price of 24 carats. Whenever we buy any kind of jewelry pieces from the jewelers, we do not check the purity as the jewelers give us the assurance about its purity.

The jewelers remain on the advantageous side by adding the making charges in the total cost of the jewelry. Mostly the jewelers buy the jewelry products in bulk which is cheaper for them and the customer is charged on the basis of per gram cost of the jewelry.


It is very important to remain informative and does some research before you buy your jewelry pieces. It is better to buy BIS hallmark jewelry pieces to be sure of the purity of gold.