Business Phone System at Reasonable Rates For Your Business


In a business, employer sells his products or services to its customers. It does not matter either business is small or large, everyone has their own business. But, launching and standing up a business in market is very hard thing and best solution for launching your business in the market is that you should have website for your business. Website that has complete detailed information about your product or services. There will be many chances so that your customer wants to contact to you, so also add a tab “contact us”. This “contact us” tab is a way to connect to you with your customers so that they will be able to contact you when they have any query related to your products and services. Contact us tab generally contains location, email address and map. It may be best for your business if you add a business phone number.

Customers will call you using that business phone number at any time and you will respond them. Business phone number is the simplest way to connect with your precious and valuable customers when they want to be with you. It will be plus point for your business that you provide very good customer care services. As technology is on beyond and everything is available on the internet. Everyone will find solution of every problem on the internet. So, there is no need to have business phone system. But, if you want good stand for your business in the market, it is necessary to have one business phone number. You can get phone system for your business without paying any extra charges. You can setup your business phone system using three simple options and may choose which will be best for your business:

Google voice:

Google voice provides you a phone number that will support your business but it is valid only for one user. You have to setup your google voice number and then connect it to your mobile or landline. You will get all your business related calls on mobile or landline. Download Google voice app in your system or in your mobile that will allow you to make phone calls or receiving calls. Features of using Google voice app are:

Text to email

Blocking to unwanted caller

Call forwarding option which can be customized


A business service which is known as Grasshopper uses your current mobile phone number instead of any VoIP setup system. User have to pay charges for using all unique features of grasshopper and Cost for using grasshopper is $ 12 per user per month. Grasshopper also includes:

Call forwarding

Voice mail to text mail

Call routing system

Google voice is allowed only for single user while is valid option for multiple users. This mobile phone have number of basic features like make and receive calls for your business, allows you to check call logs and open contact book but one thing is that you required internet connection all time. Cost for using is $ 9.99 per user per month and it is varied according to minutes charged. Unique features using are here that you can access from your computer:

Scheduled calls

Send or receive fax

Covert voice mail to text mail

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