Bosch T4b Miter Saw Stand for Stability and Support


Inside the construction enterprise, one of the most critical matters that have to be talked about is being comfy especially whilst working with sensitive gear. It’s far crucial that humans at the development site can do their work easily. The Bosch T4b miter saw stand is one of the accessories that have to be important in any construction site.

We’re well privy to the Bosch engineering agency and the sort of merchandise they were producing. They are acknowledged to provide excessive exceptional equipment that many contractors buy to be used within the construction websites. The Bosch t4b miter saw stand is certainly one of their merchandise that’s used to assist one while sawing materials. Because the name indicates, it is a stand that is supposed to assist in slicing or sawing of diverse materials within a construction web page.

Earlier than you operate T4B miter saw stand, it might be top to do some research online and notice what humans are saying approximately it. It is right to get a greater understanding of how it works and some of its functions earlier than you buy. Here below, we can have a look at some of the capabilities this stand has.

The subsequent is the overall description of the stand:

  • It has a length of 51″ that’s extendable to about 103.15″.
  • The stand is made of metallic.
  • The peak of the stand is 48″.
  • The stand has a weight of 76.7 kilos.
  • The stand comes with eight small wheels which assist in steering of the stand to various locations.
  • The stand is equipped with rubber feet for higher balance and to keep away from scratching the floor.
  • The bottom molding is three½” while the crown molding is 4 – 4 ¼”.

One of the specific qualities of this stand is that it comes with a TS2000 gravity gadget. This machine is what enables the stand to be adjusted to unique heights. This is achieved for purposes of consolation while sawing materials.

The stand additionally comes with handles that hold the material this is being sawed on it. The handles provided balance sot that anything fabric is being cut can be done so readily. Timber and different substances can be easily split whilst firmly held by using these handles.

The Bosch T4Bmiter saw stand also comes with a prolonged rail which extends to approximately 18 feet. That is for cases where the piece of material that needs to be cut is lengthy. The capability to increase enables to cater for such instances.

These are some of the great features of the Bosch T4B miter saw stand.

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