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The cryptocurrency boom lasts for quite a long time, but for many it remains a mystery the next question: how to exchange fiat funds for digital, where you can do it, and how to turn off the exchange with minimal losses for your wallet. Editorial ProfitGid is not able to “cure” the falling rate of Bitcoin – but to help you figure out how and where to buy it is always happy.

 Types of crypto currency

In order to profitably speculate on any currency, be it a crypt or simple fiat money, you will need to arm yourself with several useful services. Nowadays, the exchange allows you to change not only dollars for rubles, but also for the popular crypto currency. We must be aware of where the exchange will benefit us, and where – the losses. It is a pleasure to use such services. The most popular among them is best change. In the future, we will consider examples with his participation.

We choose what we will buy the currency for.

Next, choose what we want to buy for our money.

It remains only to choose a suitable exchange for the exchange from the generated list.

Is Binance a scam?

Note. It is advisable to use the services of proven exchangers: best change and provided for this. Choose only those exchanges that have sufficient reserves and a lot of positive feedback (preferably more than 20-30). When it comes to the binary options we need to be sure about the essential support and for that you need to be specific on your part on choosing the right website for accomplishing the act.


The website is convenient for perception and visualization, coinmarketcap shows the amount of trade in cryptocurrency on a particular stock exchange, bitinfocharts is simply convenient and informative. Choose something for yourself, or combine data from different sources to get the most relevant data. Now we will finally get to know the most popular methods of buying and sharing. We will start with the most simple and familiar ways, such as Web money and online exchanges, and smoothly move on to how to make profitable conversions on exchanges and using payment systems. It is rather strange that many people do not suspect that a cryptocurrency can be very conveniently bought or exchanged for Web money without leaving your personal account. It is possible to buy and exchange only 2 cryptocurrencies for web money: A detailed manual on how to not just exchange your bitcoins for web money, but to do it profitably, you can read here: Bitcoin wallet on Web money .

Great opportunities are in line as new updates are in the process.


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