The Best Paying Jobs in Business


Have you graduated with your degree in business? Have you worked in the field but you’re ready for a new challenge? Are you ready to head out there and find the job of your dreams so that you can finally put all of your business skills to work? Just keep in mind that knowing which direction to go in will help you find a position that won’t only be challenging and exciting, but will also pay well.

Check out the best paying jobs for business pros below, and consider pursuing these when you’re using websites like to find the top positions from the world’s most popular employers.

Chief Accounting Officer

Also known as a CAO, a chief accounting officer is the professional who is in charge of an accounting department within a company. As a CAO, you will be responsible for a business’s overall accounting operations, as well as the company’s financial reporting. You will oversee staff, so you will be in a leadership position as well, and you will need to be confident in your abilities to lead an entire department. Salaries for this position are high because you need to be able to use your skills and experience to ensure rules are properly implemented and a company’s finances are always in order.


If you love working with data and you know the value of collecting and using data to make the wisest business choices, consider seeking a position as a statistician. You will end up deciding upon which data needs to be collected, how it should be collected, and how it should be analyzed and interpreted. Then you will be able to report your findings to the managers in charge of a company so that you can lead them towards greater success and higher profits. These pros are some of the highest paid in the world of business because they have such specialized skills. Plus, in this position, you will be able to work in a wide range of industries, so there are plenty of job opportunities out there.

Director of Finance

Yet another high paying position in the business world is the director of finance. In this dynamic role, you would be responsible for managing the preparation of everything from forecasts and budgets, to various daily accounting activities. You will also be a leader in this role because you will be directing staff operations, and you will be in charge of budget development, compliance, and business planning. On top of that, you will need to oversee the preparation of financial reports and develop policies and procedures that are relevant to your department. With so many important tasks to accomplish, it is no wonder that these professionals are paid well and are highly sought after.

You worked hard to get your valuable business degree and experience, so why not seek out those job opportunities in the world of business that will earn you the highest salary? Consider the positions above when you are ready to dive into the job market and hunt down your ideal position.  

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