The Benefits of a Standing Desk


Standing desks have been growing in popularity at offices around the world. The reason they are becoming more popular is varied. A mounting body of research is finding that sitting for prolonged periods of time every day can be harmful to your health. These studies have found that those who sit for about eight hours a day every day are more likely to suffer preventable health effects. That has led some researchers even to consider sitting to be the “new smoking,” meaning that it is hazardous to your health. They advocate for periodic standing throughout the day to mitigate the effects of sitting for a long time. That has led to the rise in standing desks. Furthermore, researchers have found that standing makes most employees more productive. So, standing desks can make you and your coworkers happier, healthier, and more productive.

Health Effects

Sitting for too long can be hazardous to your health, but you can mitigate the effects by standing for short periods of time. Some researchers have recommended that you spend about five minutes every hour standing. Many people will recommend that you walk to the water cooler or the bathroom, but you can invest in a convertible desk. These desks lift up so that you can stand at your desk for a few minutes then lower it back down to a comfortable sitting height. Systems Commercial offers a few examples of high-quality convertible desks; they’re rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after pieces of office furniture in New Zealand.

Meeting Tables

Many business operators have found they prefer to have their meetings standing up. Almost everyone has been in a boring meeting that lasts too long. You’ve probably, at some point, stopped paying attention during the meeting. Many office managers have found that when they hold meetings while standing, the meetings are shorter and more productive. Their employees are more engaged in what is happening, more active in their participation, and more direct. They attribute this to standing being less relaxing than sitting as well as a desire for the meeting to be over so they can sit down.


For reasons that researchers don’t quite understand yet, those who work while standing are more productive than those who sit all day. That even applies to those who only stand for a few minutes each hour. Some of the desks offered by a company such as Systems Commercial will allow you to sit and stand while you’re at work to reap the benefits of increased productivity. One of the reasons you will be more productive is an increased comfort level. Many people tend to get restless at their desks; that feeling is exacerbated by little nagging aches and pains. If you stand periodically, it releases the nervous energy and relaxes the aches.

A standing desk might seem like it will be uncomfortable, but it’s been proven to increase comfort in the workplace. Those who stand periodically are more comfortable, more productive, and live longer lives.

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