Benefits of the new Mocute 054 for Videogames


The gamepad, or joypad, is the essence of any video game device. Nowadays there are many brands that sell and built the best gamepads for videogames on the market. The latest controller is the Mocute 054, which can be used for iPhone iOS devices, Tablets, PCs, and Android smartphones.

This joypad does not need any driver to be fully compatible with the Windows operating system devices or iOS/Android smartphones. The Mocute 054 is built as wireless Bluetooth device that can work from 2m to 10m; this characteristic makes it the remote control with the widest range of the technology market.

It is a 360-degree joystick with high precision, a soft touch, and a non-slip design. This control can also be used as an auxiliary mouse if is necessary. It has it all. Playing videogames will be even better if you own one of these incredibly comfortable gamepads. We recommend checking its specifications before acquiring one!

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The videogames remote control has a package size of 20.0 * 20.0 * 20.0cm and a gross weight of 0.3kg. The play time goes up to 40hours in a row! You can play for almost two continuous days and it won’t go off.

As we already said, is a wireless Bluetooth game controller that works for Mobile phones, TVs, PCs, and various types of Android such as Android, Android TV, Android TV Box, and Smartphone.

The version of the Bluetooth must be 3.0 for it to work perfectly and it has a telescopic stand. It has a capacity of 400mAh and its battery voltage is of 3.7V.

You can charge it by a 5V micro USB and it would only take 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. Then you can play videogames for 40 whole hours.

The Mocute 054 has an automatic recognition system (no ROOT support iOS/Android/Tablet/VR/PC). It also includes new personalize custom buttons and a high precision positioning. You will be the best while playing the greatest videogames.

The Mocute 054 feels very comfortable on the hand of the player. It is designed to be easy to handle and comfy. It has the perfect size for any player and, thanks to the lack of drivers it is easily compatible with almost any device. This model is usually black and it has a rechargeable battery of Li-3.7V 400mAh.

If in the menu the left joystick can move the cursor, then the A&X button is the enter button. Meanwhile, the B&Y will be returning key. This would make your gamepad supported by the international standard of gamepads.

You can find this controller in almost every online store or tech shops, such as Amazon or E-bay. The price can vary from 8$ to 15$.

It is one of the most durable and resistant joysticks of the video game market. Everyone will envy you. These videogames remote controllers are the most modern and cool on the marketplace right now. We definitely recommend buying it and trying it.

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