A step-by-step guide to set-up a recurring deposit account

We all have an idea about savings deposit but when it comes to other deposits, we get confused. Banks offer several options to us so that we can save a little for the future or for an emergency. It is better to get an idea about other options too so that we can choose the best one. Here is some step by step guide to set up a recurring deposit.

What is a recurring deposit?

It is a kind of term deposit where one can deposit a fixed amount every month for a certain period of time. The rate of interest availed, however, would be that of a fixed deposit. It is useful for those who have a fixed monthly income. There is a fixed period of time for every recurring deposit. It allows the customer to save a huge amount with a small investment every month.

There is another way of recurring deposit, in which the customer gives a standing instruction to the bank to withdraw money from any savings or current account and debit that in the recurring deposit.

One can open a recurring deposit account online, by following below mentioned steps.

  • Log in to your net banking
  • Click on e-RD or Standard Chartered recurring deposit
  • Your all bank account will be shown, select the one which you want to link with your recurring deposit.
  • Choose the monthly installment and tenure amount.
  • If you are a senior citizen then there will be an additional interest rate for you, so select the senior citizen option (only if applicable).
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If done click on submit.
  • Fill up all your details that are required.
  • Check once again
  • Click on confirm and your recurring deposit will be created.
  • You will get a reference id and an e-RD account number.
  • You also can take a copy of e-RD details like a soft copy or you can print it.
  • You also can set a Standing Instruction or SI online, you will also get an option for that.

For different banks, the process is different. We are helping you with a general process.

  • Whenever you will go to open a recurring deposit a standing instruction will be set with the debited installment from the savings account on an every month basis for a fixed tenure time.
  • On the day of opening the recurring account, the first installment will be debited from the particular savings account. After that on the specific mentioned date on the standing instruction, the amount will be deducted.
  • The minimum amount is 500, you can choose any amount, which is a multiple of 100.
  • If you have enough funds in your account only then a recurring deposit can be created.
  • One also can register a nominee by visiting any branch of the banks with the nomination request form.
  • If due to any issue your mentioned savings account does not contain enough balance to credit in your recurring deposit on the mentioned date, the interest rate will vary in that case. A penalty also can be charged with a certain rate.
  • The minimum tenure period of any recurring deposit is of six months and can be extended up to ten years but the duration should be a multiple of three.
  • If one withdraws the recurring deposit amount before it matures, then the interest will be calculated on the time duration for which the amount was in the bank. The withdrawer also needs to give a penalty at a certain rate.
  • After maturity, the net amount of the recurring deposit will automatically get credited to the savings account that was mentioned in the standing instruction.
Online marketing

Online marketing and review marketing

The need for marketing in businesses is very important. Several factors could make a company grow faster than others that started at the same time with them, with the same capital and selling the same things. Location is important as the more people that need your product where you are, the better. However, the importance of location is diminishing by the day as more people continue to switch to shopping online. This has made the major factors that determine the survival of a business and how much sales a company made to include providing quality products and services as well as marketing. There are many ways a person could market including adverts on television, billboards, and online marketing. Online marketing entails marketing through the Internet to reach people and encourage them to patronize your website. This article will discuss review marketing and other types of online marketing.

Review marketing

Review marketing entails the collection of feedback from customers who have patronized your organization. They are to truthfully relate their experience and opinions about your business. In line with this, other people can read the customer feedback from a review marketing site or your website, depending on where they left the review. When most of these reviews are positive, it would become a strong marketing tool for your business. People will be able to come across reviews relating to your website, read the reviews, check out your website and consequently patronize you.

Email marketing

Another very popular way to market online is through the use of email marketing. You can try to get email addresses of prospective customers and your current customers in different ways. Customers could be expected to fill in their email address in the process of making an order, while the email address of prospective customers could be collected by asking customers to subscribe to newsletters on your website among other means. You can regularly send them emails about new products and services as well as ongoing promotions. The emails will regularly serve to remind them about your organization, your products, and services. This will make it very likely that they will patronize you the next time they need a service or product you provide.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very great means of online marketing. Affiliate marketing entails encouraging people to market for your website, in exchange for getting a percentage of whatever sales someone who used their link to access the site gets. An affiliate marketer is expected to register on the website and be provided with a link and a banner. They can paste the banner on their website or share the link, such that when a customer uses the link to buy from the organization, they would get some money from the sales, depending on the terms and conditions. Some websites provide affiliate marketing services. You could easily register with such a company and pay some money. Such websites have a lot of other people marketing under them. Your banners and links subsequently appear on the websites that are marketing under that affiliate services provider.

Explore Your Options with Live-Streaming Apps

Explore Your Options with Live-Streaming Apps

There is one large difference between the last few generations. It is the Internet and the entire information technology.

There is one large difference between the last few generations. It is the Internet and the entire information technology. People use them in every part of their lives without even realizing it. Both individual users and businesses enjoy a variety of applications suitable for every need.

Among the huge number of applications, there is one special kind that helps a user to transfer to a ‘different reality’. Live streaming apps are applications that broadcast videos in real-time mode. Stories on Instagram and Facebook or live streams of football games are great examples of this kind of applications.

Main features of such applications are:

  • Broadcasting abilities – film a video and share it with your audience by a few simple actions;
  • Chatting online – ask a question and get an immediate answer to it;
  • Getting creative – paint, apply stickers and write on your video as you film, etc.

Besides the entertaining function, your own live streaming app offers countless possibilities for doing business. You can both start a new business and develop an existing one using this kind of technology.

There are many ways to develop and improve business with streaming app:

  • Promote your brand in the fastest way;
  • Share important information with your audience in a split second;
  • Visualize your product so that the audience could get to know it better;
  • Interact with your customers using interviews and online-chatting;
  • Create ads that will reach a wider audience.

The only thing that can limit you in using live streaming applications is your own imagination. The Agilie development team has no such problem. They’ve developed over 200 successful projects to help companies around the world in their exploration of numerous possibilities of streaming apps. Just think about it: what if the only thing that prevents your brand from expanding is the lack of a streaming option?


Why it is Wise to Invest in Rarest Items

Do you know there are very few places that store Argyle’s diamonds with them? It is the fact that only 1% of the extracted diamonds are being sold by the Rio Tinto (Owner of Argyle’s pink diamond mine in Western Australia) out of one million of rough diamonds. And this 1% of pink diamonds are required to undergo a period of two to three weeks’ time in polishing. After making these rough, uncut diamonds into a fancy looking one the company is selling in the exclusive and selective auctions in different parts of the globe. No one can ask for its showcase, as the other diamonds are available in the world.

Argyle mine is sourcing the world’s 90% pink diamonds, and it is for the last 40 years. Soon this mine will be winding over in 2020. After that, the source of these pink diamonds will be so insufficient, that they could not compensate for the demand for them. The demands of Argyle’s pink diamonds are always higher than its supply. Due to its short supply, the price of 1 carat is sky-high. Unfortunately, if the Argyle mine will be closed then it will be untouchable.

Currently, there is no alternative source of pink diamonds found by the geologists. If there will be another pink diamond filled ore found, it would take almost another 10 years (minimum) to prepare it for production. From discovery to production it will take an average of 10 years’ time. That means there are no possibilities of getting pink diamonds unless you collect it now.

The drastic shortage in supply of these pink diamonds and the increasing demand for Argyle’s pink diamonds make it a suitable avenue for the SMSF investors and investments are done after seeing its past performances also. In the last five years, it is found from the statistical data, that the rate of return on Argyle’s pink diamonds has given 45% to 50% returns. According to recent situations, this return could be more than the previous one.

With the closure notice of the Argyle mines, as it is fixed within 2020 to 2021, the diamond collectors have found that there will be an appreciation on the diamond portfolio and it could reach a level of 25% to 30% per annum. The global financial giant PWC has revealed the fact, with their recent survey, investing in Argyle pink diamonds would give a return of more than 450% in the next 10 years. That is the reason why investments on Argyle’s pink diamonds are so worthy.

As the rarity matters, if we consider this from our financial perspective, then the production of pink diamonds was almost 20 million carats, out of which only 1% is the natural pink diamonds available on this earth. Amazingly, these one percent pink diamonds comprise the world’s 95% pink diamond supply. This is the reason why it is wise to invest in Argyle’s rarest pink diamonds.

The Argyle’s pink diamonds are the rarest and lavish gemstone in the earth. If you own one of it then it will be a graceful and sturdy wealth that will last throughout the generations.


Steps to start a company in Dubai

Every entrepreneur must follow a set of steps before starting a company in Dubai, in order to benefit everyone to the investor, the country and consumers in general.

To determine the company’s objective and activity, the investor must determine the activity of the company that is based on the establishment, except real estate or food and other activities needed by the market in the UAE, especially Dubai.

In order to ensure the success of the company he founded, and to have customers and achieve the desire of consumers in Dubai, to achieve the goal of the investor to obtain benefits and profits from the company.

To conduct a market study and its needs, the investor should conduct a market study and the clients who will deal with the company, to identify the most important things they want in the company.

In order to provide the best service needed by the consumer, in addition to excellence in what the service offers to other companies competing to survive and achieve its goals of profits.

As well as identify the customs and traditions of customers, in order to determine what they want and refuse to deal with in companies.

To know the laws and procedures, the owner of the company must know the laws of the country and the licenses necessary to establish a company, and identify the procedures to be followed, and prohibitions as well.

This is to prevent any problems after the establishment of the company, in order to ensure its success and not to suffer any future losses.

Submit the application for the company you want to establish via the Internet, where the state provided many facilities that helped investors to establish a company by submitting an application form online.

In order to reserve the name of the company and get approved with all the conditions that apply to its incorporation, the application is approved within a week of submission.

Payment of license fees and signing of legal documents, in order to ensure the investor to establish the company that he wishes to establish in order to help start implementation and work in the company.

By obtaining a license to carry out his business, which is beneficial to the investor and helps in the employment of young people, and increase economic growth in Dubai.


Establishing companies

Establishing companies in Dubai


Learn How Jewelers Earn Profit by Selling Gold Jewelry at Its Market Rate

The jewelry made out of gold, silver diamond and pearls are sold in the market by jewelers to satisfy the needs of the customer and to earn a profit for themselves. The value of a pearl depends on factors like type, size, surface quality, etc.

The jewelers who sell different varieties of jewelry make money by selling these wonderful jewelry pieces at a high price range than the actual price. Even these jewelry items can be purchased online which is a good platform for making your selection for jewelry.

To get a glimpse of elegant pearl jewelry the online store PearlsOnly can be visited, which has a wide collection of pearl jewelry designs in the form of necklace, earrings, rings, pendants, etc.

How Jewelers Earn Profit?

This question is very tricky that how money is made by jewelers by selling different types of jewelry items like gold, silver or pearl. However, due to the lifestyle which these jewelers live for e.g. sitting in their air-conditioned shops, having expensive cars is enough to know about the profit they earn by selling jewelry products at a high price range.

Secrets of Business in a Jewelry Trade

You need to be aware of the fact that all the gold ornaments are not made of pure 24-carat gold and jewelry is mostly made by mixing other metals as well. The jewelers sell 20-carat gold with the price of 24 carats. Whenever we buy any kind of jewelry pieces from the jewelers, we do not check the purity as the jewelers give us the assurance about its purity.

The jewelers remain on the advantageous side by adding the making charges in the total cost of the jewelry. Mostly the jewelers buy the jewelry products in bulk which is cheaper for them and the customer is charged on the basis of per gram cost of the jewelry.


It is very important to remain informative and does some research before you buy your jewelry pieces. It is better to buy BIS hallmark jewelry pieces to be sure of the purity of gold.

Are You Exempted from the ELD Mandate Know Whether Your Qualify or Not

Are You Exempted from the ELD Mandate Know Whether Your Qualify or Not

The ELD principle applies to most engine transporters and drivers at present required to keep up Records of Duty Status (RODS). The standard applies to business transports just as trucks, and to domiciled drivers. The FMCSA will, in any case, permit license transporters utilizing AOBRDs before December, 2017.

So who, precisely, is excluded from the electronic logging device mandate?

Vehicles Manufactured Before 2000

An electronic logging device (ELD) unit requires an electronic control module (ECM). Notwithstanding, most motors produced before 2000 come up short on an ECM. Consequently, if a business engine vehicle’s motor was fabricated in 2000 or before, that vehicle is excluded from being required to utilize an ELD.

This exclusion recently recorded the cutoff year to be for the vehicle. Nonetheless, the motor tallies, and motors can be swapped. This exclusion presently applies to the motor’s model year, paying little heed to the vehicle’s enlistment date. Vehicles with motor models in 2000 or later require ELDs, regardless of whether the vehicle itself was made before 2000.

Drivers Who Maintain RODS for 8 Days or Less

Drivers who keep up Record of Duty Status (RODS) for 8 days or less in a 30-day moving period needn’t bother with an ELD. They have to keep up paper logs; however the ELD itself isn’t legitimately required.

This incorporates short-pull drivers who incidentally take longer outings. In any case, drivers who break the short-pull exemption in excess of multiple times in a 30-day term will require an ELD for the remainder of that cycle. This ELD exclusion implies that short-pull drivers who make longer excursions rarely don’t need to redesign.

100 Air-mile Radius

Some business drivers permit (CDL) drivers fall under the short-pull exclusion. These drivers report to work and either ships their heaps to a particular area or finishes a day by day conveyance. They at that point return their truck and return home.

To qualify, drivers must:

  • Operate inside a 100 air-mile span of their typical work detailing area
  • Start and end the day at a similar area
  • Be discharged from work inside 12 hours
  • Have at any rate 10 hours on furlough between every 12-hour move
  • Not drive over 11 hours

150 Air-mile Radius

Some non-CDL drivers fall under the short-pull exception, as well.

To qualify, they should:

  • Operate inside a 150 air-mile sweep of the area where they report to and are discharged from work
  • Return to the typical detailing area toward the finish of every obligation visit

Also, they should not:

  • Drive any vehicle that requires a CDL.
  • Drive following 14 hours of going ahead obligation on 5 days of any time of 7 back to back days
  • Drive following 16 hours of going ahead obligation on 2 days of any time of 7 back to back days

Farm Vehicles

Certain farm vehicles, and the transporters who work them, are excluded from needing an ELD. This is definitely not a sweeping exception for every single rural vehicle and hardware. It applies to the private vehicle of wares, for example, domesticated animals, hardware or supplies being shipped by the ranch’s proprietor or administrator, or a relative or representative. Before you invest into ELD, know the electronic logging devices price and make the right choice.


9Apps: A safe and better platform for users

All the android users know about Google playstore as a platform from where downloads can be done in the form of games and other applications. But there are other options as well. 9apps is a platform from where these can be easily downloaded that too free of cost. This gives cut throat competition to Google’s playstore in the form of app downloads. Almost all the applications are same as the Google playstore and all are available free of cost to all the android users. This feature of free downloading makes it much more popular in nations like India. This was founded in 1999 by alibaba group.

This Chinese based company has become one of the leading companies of the world. One can depend and trust this brand due to the reliability and image of this global brand easily. It is the tool from which all media like ringtones, wallpapers, songs, and movies can be easily downloaded on an android device. 9apps apk download is the format in which these apps are provided to all its users. This is light in weight and not consumes much space on the phone. The platform provides full variety of categories from which the apps can be chosen and benefits can be availed of. There are various filters on the main screen from which one can choose the apps one wants to download as per the desires of the user. The division of categories helps in easy identification of the apps one wants to download. This platform has been praised a lot because of this quality feature of variety.

The platform is compatible on all devices with android version of and above. Further the app is available in fourteen languages and the size is just 1.99 megabytes which is very less as compared to all other apps. This is 100 per cent free and safe for all users. The search technique is quite easy because of the help of various categories made in the app. These categories help in proper selection of apps that one wants to download. One can even go to the search box and have that application in his own device. Whenever one wish to download the specific app, the platform first scans it and then installs it on the phone in order to increase the safety for the users. This is third party software which does not mean that there is any issue over the quality of services they provide. This was developed in 2013 and has gained much importance since then in the market.

The best part is user friendliness which makes it more popular in India and Indonesia. The working is quite smooth and even consumes less space on the devices. Further the downloads are made in apk formats which further uses less space on the devices and helps in smooth functioning of the device in order to make the users more happy and satisfied. Because of this, users can have fun and enjoy the best of the premium apps totally free of cost.

Best Consultants

Find the Contextualized Solutions You Need with Thailand’s Best Consultants

Are you looking for a way to gain traction in a marketplace that’s increasingly tech-savvy? Do you require new insights into how business can and should be done? Could you and your staff do with an upgrade to your skills?

If so, you’re in luck. The best business consultancy and teaching center in Thailand has the answers to the corporate questions you should be asking. Here’s a quick look at how they can help you develop the skills you need to compete in today’s marketplace.

Contextualized Solutions

Competing in the marketplace today is all about context. A solution in one area might not work in another. It may even be the cause of a fresh set of problems.

When it comes to corporate problem solving, context is everything, That’s why the best business consultancy firm in Thailand is proud to offer assistance in finding the context you need to get the solutions you deserve. Their staff specialize in helping companies find the contextualized solutions they need to affect real change.

Take Advantage of Cutting Edge Research

In life as in the corporate world, being forewarned is being forearmed. Every day you face a new set of challenges which require new solutions. It is thus of the utmost importance that you be able to have access to the data and research tools necessary to come up with those solutions.

That begins by being able to ask the right questions. The best business consultancy firms in Thailand do an excellent job of helping companies figure out the questions they should be asking, and then tracing the answers from there. What’s more, they can help you and your staff learn any number of new tech and business-savvy skills.

Sometimes, you don’t know what skills you need to learn until their need becomes apparent. With the best business learning center and consultancy firm in Thailand, you can get the skills you need to complete in today’s ever-evolving corporate ecosystem.

Affordable Rates

No one should find themselves priced out of being able to have access to the consultancy services and data-driven solutions they need to succeed. That’s why Thailand’s best business learning and consultancy firm is proud to offer the most competitive rates for their services of any team in the country. No matter what needs you may have or what your budgetary restrictions may be, you are guaranteed to find the solutions you need at a rate that works for you.

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to something as important as making sure that your company has the data-driven solutions it needs to succeed, you are going to want to seek help getting those answers from a team you can trust. That’s why the best consultancy center offering a state of the art learning ecosystem in Thailand can also point to a great deal of experience on its staff. Its employees can boast decades of decorated service to their credit and a great track record with clients to match.

Get the answers you need with the best business consultancy firm in Thailand.

Asset Management Companies

The Best strategy of Asset Management Companies in India

The key to achievement is whether it is any region or any sphere of life management. Managing easy stuff like your daily activities etc. may not involve much thought, but planning is to be done when it comes to asset management.

Asset management generally involves managing individuals ‘ money through stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents, etc. The asset management scheme is based on maintenance management schemes and its objective is to optimize the use of assets and to handle all maintenance attempts engaged in making assets as confidential, precise and effective as possible. Asset management rules apply equally to all economic resources, including infrastructure, property, heritage, plant and machinery.

Asset management companies’ strategy relies on ownership economic elements such as calculating the total expense of property, depreciation, licensing, maintenance, and insurance. Asset management can take place in various fields. For example, property management is known as property asset management, IT asset management, inventory and physical stock management in finance or investment asset management and asset management.

A company or person can add value to their company, enhance investment efficiency, handle financial risk exposure, and decrease company expenses, depending on the type of asset management strategy.

Keeping in mind the incredible importance of asset management, these days, different asset management companies have been sprouting up. An asset management companies in india is a corporation that invests retail investors ‘ pooled funds in securities in accordance with the targets of the investment. An asset management service maintains a niche above the individual investors by providing more diversification, liquidity and professional management service.

What is Lazard?

Lazard is a leading name in facilities for asset management and investment management. Lazard is known to have branches in more than 16 nations around the globe for investment banking. Lazard offers various services, including consultative services to corporations, partnerships, institutions, governments and people, including mergers and acquisitions, asset management and reorganization.

Likewise, in offering intelligence-based asset management and logistics services for business and transportation equipment, the Asset Intelligence unit of General Electric’s Equipment Services has gained a commendable name. Hardcat is one of UK, Australia, and the USA’s leading providers of asset management solutions.

The joint venture between prudential plc, UK’s top insurance company. As well as India’s acknowledged financial institution, ICICI Bank Ltd. has led in the ICICI Asset Management Company complementing Indian mutual fund products with various increasing investment requirements.

All these skilled firms keep in mind that investment is a very complex work that involves enormous planning and risk. These companies work in a manner that provides better risk-adjusted returns on investment and present customers with investment alternatives.

Recently, traded asset management companies ‘ have touched the sky primarily because of two factors:

  1. Increasing inventory prices
  2. Consolidation of the sector

A paradigm example here is that the shares of Legg Mason increased by 76 percent because of the news that it took over the asset management company of Citigroup.

All in all asset management companies are perfect resources to drive expenses out of the company, boost profitability and gain access to an extensive database of data to make a prudent decision.