What are Amazon Seller reimbursements and how do I claim them


For those who are using FBA in their Amazon seller account, there might a chance that Amazon owes you money. This depends on how much you have sold using FBA. If you have sold thousands of products, they might have owed you quite a huge sum of unpaid reimbursement payments.

1. Customer returns are not returned to inventory

In the Amazon Seller Central, one could find the return report. This is where you’ll find the status and reason for any customer return. An important record the seller must always review. This is because Amazon allows the refund of a product even before the product is actually sent and received by the seller.

Of course, the most common cases are the products are returned. Mostly in good conditions and could be sold again. That means that the majority of the time, your return report will show “Unit Returned to Inventory” for each line.

However due to the sheer volume, the item may not really end up in your inventory. The problem is amazon has tagged it as “returned to inventory”. The costs of this error add up quick. When you’re operating with very constricted budget or sell costly merchandise like branded bag or gadgets, you can’t afford to losing. The process for this issue of FBA reimbursements for Amazon sellers is complicated. However, because returns and the reimbursements that Amazon does the award of the refund can happen over a span of months.

2. Damaged or lost inventory was never reimbursed to seller

The second most basic FBA repayment case is when vendors don’t get a repayment (or substitution things) for stock that has been lost or harmed.

The FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Policy covers dealers from these situations:

  • Items damaged in shipping center
  • Items declared lost in shipping center
  • Items that have been missing in shipping center for 30 days
  • Items lost or damaged in route from shipping center to customer

Stock shipments that were lost or harmed on their way to a shipping center, especially if utilizing an Amazon uses another shipping company.

The Refunds Manager group tracks dealer represents cases of the above situations to ensure you’re repaid. At times, we may compose and document the claim, and afterward later watch that the repayment was processed. In others, the case is started by Amazon, say for instance when a representative drops and harms the produc.

3. Customer never returns an item and the seller is at a loss

Client returns are a typical part of any online business. Amazon dealers should be wise to pick a stage that handles the chaotic procedure for them. Entrepreneurs with their own Shopify stores must process client returns alone. Amazon merchants just need to make preventive move to bring down their arrival rates and confirm that Amazon is finishing on their terms.

As said in the main case, more often than not clients DO return items in the wake of starting the arrival. Obviously, they in some cases overlook. In the event that that happens, Amazon should charge the client the first cost and repay you. In any case, here and there, Amazon doesn’t complete. A client neglects to restore a thing and still gets the discount, which means you’re out the cost. On the off chance that Amazon doesn’t right the issue inside their distributed time, you have a privilege to ask for a repayment.

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