All you need to know about the Claim settlement ratio of Term Insurance


Term insurance is the most suitable life insurance plan that provides you with a significant life cover at a relatively cheaper premium rate. With term insurance, you could have the best financial protection for yourself and your family.

Along with this, it also offers death benefits within a specific duration if the covered person dies. However, it would be helpful if you always considered the Claim Settlement ratio term insurance provides. CSR is an essential parameter that you must not avoid and check while choosing an insurance policy.

In this article, we will discuss the Claim Settlement ratio that term insurance provides.

What Is A Claim Settlement Ratio?

The total number of claims paid against the total number of claims filed is known as the claim settlement ratio. Thus, you must have a higher claim settlement ratio. CSR is quite essential when it comes to selecting a term plan.

So, you must check the Claim Settlement ratio term insurance offers. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) measures CSR every financial year.

Why Is Claim Settlement Ratio Important?

The claim settlement ratio is quite vital while choosing an insurance plan. With CSR, you can easily know if the company is trustworthy or not. It is good at disclosing the company’s credibility. Moreover, it would be best if you went with the option that has a higher ratio, as it would be much more beneficial for you than the lower settlement ratio.

Apart from this, you should also understand that CSR is measured for every product of the company, so you must also look upon the Claim Settlement ratio term insurance provides on the different products and their consistency achieved over the years.

Factors That Influence Claim Settlement Ratio


If the policyholder, by any chance, cheats with the insurance company, and the company finds fraud claims made by prospering, then there could be a definite decline in the CSR.

2.Nomination Upgrade

The nominee’s name is always supposed to be there in the insurance proposal form. But if by mistake, the name of the nominee is missed in this column, then the company won’t be able to process the claim.

3.Non Disclosure

If you don’t disclose all your health problems and the insurance company finds out that you’ve been hiding your actual condition, the company could also reject your claims.

Claim Settlement Ratio Validity

Claim settlement ratio term insurance is a crucial parameter, but other reasons state the importance of claim settlement ratio like:

  • Vigorous sales
  • Scam committed by customers
  • Early claims
  • CSR does not pertain alone to term insurance

The Bottom Line

The term insurance offers coverage in natural as well as unnatural death. But, it would be best if you never got a plan without considering its Claim Settlement ratio term insurance provides.

Moreover, by doing an online subscription and sharing your health and income details, you can easily claim the high amount. You must also look upon other variant features to get the most effective term policy along with CSR.

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