All that is to know after a bicycle accident


A bicycle accident takes an instant to happen and can have long-term effects. Motorists have insurance to repay the bicyclists they injure. But nothing can take away the pain and suffering. Compensation for a bicycle accident injury should be full and fair, and Johnston Law firm ensures that. It has a proven and winning track record for representing bicyclists against motorists and car drivers who injure them.

Compensation in cases of bicycle accident injuries

Damages compensated to injury victims include medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and emotional trauma, and any other medical care that follows. If Johnston Law Firm takes your case, an immediate investigation is started by the attorney. Sometimes few essential factors are not apparent until the investigation begins. The most common reasons for bicycle accidents in Portland include:

  • Speeding your automobile and going too fast
  • Failing to yield for bicyclists at traffic signals
  • Aggressive driving methods including tailgating and improper passing without following traffic rules
  • Distracted driving leads motorists to enter the bike lanes
  • Drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs or medicines

Poor Infrastructure in Portland

Dangerous road conditions and lack of proper maintenance are the second most causes of bicycle accidents in Portland. It includes uneven road surfaces, proper bicycle lanes, broken traffic signals, numerous potholes, and gravel roads.

Even the most cautious bicyclists can get into severe accidents in Portland. After such an accident, one must do the following:

  • Immediately it would help if you got medical attention for the injuries regardless of how minor or trivial they may seem.
  • Report the accident to law enforcement.
  • Remember to describe the driver, the vehicle, and the time/place where the accident had occurred.
  • If possible, get pictures of the accident scene, the vehicle involved, and your injuries
  • A copy of the police report that contains contact and insurance information for the at-fault driver should be taken.

Working with a bicycle accident attorney after an accident is a wise decision. They can handle the essential elements of the case, negotiate a settlement offer, and represent you in court. Determining the value of your claim should always be approached with caution. Also, if you have insurance, the insurance company must be notified of your accident. You should also make sure the at-fault driver’s insurance company is also notified.

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