An Affordable Way of Buying a Whole New Room or Shed


One of the best ways to enhance your lifestyle and the value of your home is to add a shed, garage workshop, playhouse, or spare room in the backyard that can be used as a bedroom or other living space. The truth is that these kinds of expansions and extensions are expensive. Most homeowners nowadays simply don’t have the spare cash lying around to invest in such a venture. But what if you could buy a unit that was already fabricated and was also sturdy enough to serve as a garage, shed, workshop, or other room?

Using a Shipping Container to Enhance Your Home

One of the more recent trends in building and home renovation is the use of shipping containers for garages and other useful rooms. The truth is that these containers are plentiful and pretty affordable. With a few special modifications and customisations, they can be a great choice for the homeowner looking to extend and expand. Just imagine what they can be used for. Consider the following:

  • Storage: If you’ve run out of space, or just need a spare junk room, why not invest in a shipping container? A weather-sealed model can be purchased, or one can be modified to be weather sealed. This means that it can go in the back yard and store all of your stuff away from the environment! The container can even be modified to include a utility door so that you can easily access it.
  • Workshop or garage: Lots of people love to have a dedicated workshop, shed, or garage as part of their home. Unfortunately, not all homes have them, or have very small spaces that are not usable for anything other than tool storage. A shipping container can be modified to have a utility door, windows, electricity, and even flooring and insulation. This makes it an ideal space for a workshop.
  • Sleep out and bedroom: Plenty of growing families need extra space to accommodate children who are growing up and need their own space. Why not invest in a shipping container and have it customised to serve as a comfortable sleep out? With the addition of flooring, insulated walls, lighting, windows and power outlets, it can be the ideal extra bedroom in the back yard.
  • Industrial use: Companies of any size can even use them to store industrial goods and other products. They can be modified to serve as on-site storage units that are affordable and weather- If required, the unit can also be modified so that it includes a roller door or access space for a forklift.

Get More Space the Affordable Way

Some innovative companies are actually offering these containers for purchase. They can be modified on site to include a range of utilities including lighting, electricity, doors, locks, and windows. In fact, they can also be modified so that they are able to store dangerous goods, or can be refrigerated for use as food storage.

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