Advantages of Installing Security Gates


If you’re planning on boosting security around your home or commercial premises, why not start with your point of entry, it is the main area where visitors enter your premises, so it makes sense to install security features here. The best way of securing your entrance is to install security gates, they limit access to your property only allowing authorised personnel inside. If you aren’t already aware of the benefits, look at the useful information below.

Increased Property Price

If you plan on selling your home or property in the near future, installing security gates is a good thing to do. They don’t just improve security levels, they also increase your asking price. If your home or business is adequately secured, buyers will be more inclined to make an offer on your property. They help to make your place look more official, they add a sense of prestige to the whole property. A stylish, automated security door can add anything from 5 to 7% to your original asking price, meaning installing this feature is a wise investment.

Decorative Feature

Adding a security door to your premises not only improves protection around your property, it also makes it look more decorative and stylish. They come in a range of different styles and they can be fitted to all kinds of properties, they are perfect for all types of businesses including industrial and retail premises. Security doors are exactly what you need for controlling access to areas such as car parks and driveways. Automated doors can be integrated to work with other security systems in operation on your property, they can be used alongside features such as CCTV, intercoms and vehicle recognition equipment.

Automated Response

Automated security doors are great for installation on a range of premises, Aegis metal security gates in Cambridge are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for UK home owners when looking to fit stylish, security doors on their premises across the East of England. Automated doors make it easy to quickly access your property at the touch of a button, there is no need to get out of your vehicle, simply press a button on your remote control and the door opens automatically.

Lower Insurance Premium

Although it doesn’t happen that often, you can still get a lower premium when it comes to property insurance if you install security doors on your premises. Insurance companies will look on it favourably, and if you shop around you may just get a reduced price on your insurance premium. Make sure they take note of the security measures you have put in place to protect your premises, if you are persuasive enough and you point out all the improvements, your broker may decide to lower your premium.

There are numerous advantages associated with installing security gates, both in your home and commercial premises. They come in a range of different styles and can be fitted to all kinds of landscapes, security gates are available at a very affordable price from select stores across the east and south east of England.

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