5 Best House Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Immaculate In Dubai


If house cleaning seems to be too much of a burden to you then you are probably not doing it correctly. While there is no doubt that you’ll need to use quite a bit of elbow grease to clean up your home, you can definitely bring down your workload if you work smart and not just hard. In dubai, houses are either very big or small and people are unable to manage the cleaning routine. This is the main reason they try to get benefit from cleaning company when it comes to house cleaning. Cleaning companies offer hourly, weekly and monthly cleaning plans to meet the demands of the market.

If you think, you are passionate about cleaning but don’t know a clue of speed cleaning then the following house cleaning tips will be of great use to you by reducing the time needed to complete your chores:

Cleaning Toolkit Should Be Ready:

You need to buy the right brooms (fine bristles for indoor cleaning and stiff bristles for outdoor areas), dusters (microfiber is best for picking up all dust particles instead of moving them from one place to another) and high quality cleaning products (buy products for different surfaces such as tile, glass, wood etc.). You’ll also need a toothbrush to clean away dirt from inaccessible areas.

Approach Cleaning From Top to Bottom:

This means that you have to start cleaning higher surfaces and work your way to the floor. This ensures that you sweep away all crumbs and particles that lie on table or countertops.

Tidy Up The House Before Start Cleaning:

Fold clothes, including bed linen, and put them away in the right place. If you keep surfaces as tidy and uncluttered as possible then you will be able to dust them without having to pick up and clean under many things.

Pre-treat Areas That Have Accumulated Dirt or Stains:

Pour cleaning solution into the toilet bowl and leave it there for at least 20 minutes. Spray cleaning solution on bathroom tiles and sink where they seem the dirtiest. You will find the most dirt near the drain and also around the area you generally stand when you bathe. If you leave the cleaning solution for a while then you’ll be able to clean the dirt away relatively easily.

Avoid Making a Mess Unwittingly:

Use a damp (not wet) cloth to clean surfaces or else you will leave watermarks everywhere. You should also wipe the surfaces dry with a clean and dry cloth after you have cleaned them so that all water tracks can be removed.

House cleaning becomes a manageable task as long as you do things correctly. In fact, you should be able to take care of day to day cleaning on your own. You can always call in a maid service to do heavy-duty cleaning once a month or so

Final Thoughts

A well looked and uncluttered home leaves a good impression on guests and you will receive appreciation from everyone who visits your house. A neat and untidy house also provides good air quality and a healthy environment where you can spend a good time with your family. What else you need once entering a house, you will smell a good odor that is making everything pleasant and peaceful. But to achieve the highest form of cleaning, you have to dedicate a lot of effort on cleaning. Cleaning company dubai is the number one choice when it comes to professional cleaning as life in the city is very fast-paced. People often don’t have the time to do house cleaning. As these cleaning services are affordable, so it makes sense people with busy lifestyle prefers these companies to sort out their home cleaning.

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