4 Ways To Attract New Business


When it comes to owning a business any change that holds the prospect of bringing in new business it always welcomed. Making changes to your company can usually lead to a more productive outcome whether you’re making a move to one of the Servcorp Offices or just making some internal shuffles, it’s always good to keep trying new things and investigating more ways to boost the interest in your business from a new demographic. If you feel as though you have done all that you possibly can to bring in new business, but to no avail, you may need a little bit of help thinking about things you otherwise could have overlooked. If you are wanting to stretch out and welcome new customers into your corporate family, but are finding it hard to get the ball going, here are some tips on how you can attract new business to your company.


This one is pretty simple, but often overlooked. Advertising is crucial if you want to increase business to your company, it is a way of reaching out to people in their homes, cars, or on their morning commute. Having an ad that’s short, sharp, witty, and to the point will grab people’s attention and make them interested in your brand. Try to fit a current promotion that you are holding into the ad as an incentive for people to come and try out your brand.

Social Media

Social media gives companies direct connection to their customers, it’s a place where they can freely advertise to their audience and also respond to feedback in a more personal way. Having some form of social media where you can advertise yourself in your own way can put a more personal touch to the brand that people may not get from straight up advertising, it’s also a great place to hold certain promotions or competitions that people won’t get from radio, TV, or a billboard.

Introductory Offers

When trying to bring in new business, one of the best things you can do is introduce introductory offers or free trials. Introductory offers can help bring in a range of customers you could have been trying to reach, but probably not being able to get to. It entices them enough to bring them into your company to give it a shot, this allows you to build a strong relationship with them before the time period of the offer is up to try and convince them that this is the company that wants and deserves their business the most.


Offering memberships is a fool proof way of not only bringing in new business, but keeping it there. Hold offers with your membership whether it’s no joining fee, or first month free, or even just membership only discounts, is a great way to ensure people stick by your brand. Keep offers rolling throughout membership, if the great offers and deals cease within the first few months of being a member, they could be left feeling as though you only care about new business, not maintaining previous customer relationships.

When preparing your business to try to take on more customers, it’s a great idea to not forget about the ones you already have. Make sure they don’t feel left out in all the advertising and new offers for new customers, keep them happy with deals that can suit them as well as checking in on them to see if they’re still happy and around, a good way to do that is through an emailing service. Good luck with the business growth.

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